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Solve the problems that matter most to you using technology you build yourself. Working in teams, girls find a problem in their community and build a mobile app to help solve it. Along the way you'll develop your collaboration, problem solving, and leadership skills.

Learn how to develop and pitch a big idea and code a mobile app with fellow dreamers and innovators.

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Artificial Intelligence is changing our world. Together we can decide how. Learn, dream, and build a better future with technology – as a family. With the support of educators, community leaders, and technology professionals, your family will use AI tools to solve the problems you care about most.

Learn what AI is, how it works, and how to use it to help your community.

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140,000 young people and parents served to-date. Supported by 19,000 volunteers trained as mentors and program facilitators

After participating in Technovation programs, families and girls understand computer science and AI better, and they're more confident leaders and problem solvers.

We're committed to sharing what we learn from running our programs with everyone so we can all move forward together.



of Technovation Girls demonstrate a basic understanding of programming


of Technovation Families' parents believe their child has developed a sustained interest in AI


of Technovation Families' parents said they were more likely to take action to improve their community


of mentors say they're better at ideation after participating in our programs


Technovation is a global community of young dreamers, their families, educators, volunteers – and you.

Join Technovation and make sure everyone is equipped for the future. Support girls and families as a mentor, offer feedback as a judge, or provide the materials that bring Technovation to life in 100+ countries.

There's a role for you with Technovation – let's find it.

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Help us inspire the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. Invite your employees to connect with us as mentors, judges, and industry experts.

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Lead our programs locally and nurture kids' and parents' growing confidence, creativity, and curiosity. Cheer them on as they use technology and AI to change the community – and the world.

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