Girls are ready to change the world. Technovation makes sure they have the tools they need

Over the last 15 years, we’ve trained 150,000 young women to be technology entrepreneurs & innovators, empowering them to solve problems in their communities using technology.

5+ years after participating in Technovation programs, alumnae still credit the program with influencing their interests, career, and professional pursuits.


of Technovation alumnae pursue a STEM degree compared to 21% of female undergraduates who received STEM-related degrees in 2012.


of Technovation alumnae work in STEM-related positions, compared to the 29% national average in 2013.


of alumnae are leading change in their communities

2023 Impact

Reaching Girls in Underserved Communities

We are committed to reaching girls in underserved communities. Of girls participating in Technovation Girls in 2023:

  • 61% are from low or middle income countries
  • 52% attend schools that don’t teach coding
  • 10%+ lack regular access to computers
  • 71% of North American girls identify as a race/ethnicity other than Caucasian

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Alumnae Spotlight

Meet Padmapriya

Padmapriya is a Technovation Alumna and Mentor in India who credits much of her passion for supporting girls and women in technology to her experience as a Technovation participant. Today she is a Senior Test Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services in Madurai, as well as a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador, and runs a platform called Maker Women.


Sustainable Development Goals

Girls solve global problems

As it turns out, the problems that matter most to girls are the same ones that matter to world leaders. We ask girls to consider how the problems they choose to solve align to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals—and every year we're blown away by their ingenuity.

Our Research

We partner with respected research organizations to assess and improve our programs’ individual and community impact.

Technovation 2020 Impact Report

Looking back at 2020, we reflect on how COVID-19 affected our programs, what we learned, and where we go from here.

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WestEd's 2020 Survey of Technovation Girls Alumni

WestEd administered a survey to alumnae from the first seven years of the program, revealing alumnae's sustained interest in STEM fields.

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Empowering Families to Solve Real-World Problems with AI

Findings from engaging  20,000 under-resourced 3rd-8th grade students, parents, & educators in an AI competition. (Published in Künstl Intell, 2021)

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Learn about our impact through the years in our library of impact reports

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Volunteer Impact

Mentors learn and grow with their mentees

It’s not just girls who change and grow with Technovation—our adult volunteers benefit too.

Through our volunteer mentor opportunities, organizations can give employees the chance to develop and grow their skills while making a difference in the lives of others and the community…all while being inspired by girls who won’t back down in the fight to build a better world.


of industry professionals surveyed said their experience increased their creativity in the workplace


of program mentors said their communication and presentation skills improved after participating


of program mentors said the experience improved their professional relationships

Source: Impact study assessing the impact of a skills-based volunteerism program on professional engineers from Boeing, presented at the American Society for Engineering Education conference.


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