Everyone should have access and encouragement to succeed in our tech-driven world.

We empower underrepresented groups to be leaders and creative problem-solvers through technology and engineering education that focuses on girls, families, and communities.

Help us build a world where they feel empowered to lead conversations and create solutions to issues that will impact their lives and communities.


Our programs

Create multi-generational impact

A strong support system is critical to nurturing and encouraging anyone to take risks and pursue lifelong learning. Our programs connect and build a trusted community where youth and adults learn and use cutting-edge technologies to solve real-world problems, together.


Girls, children, and parents have learned and applied coding and artificial intelligence skills to improve their communities


Mobile apps and AI prototypes have been created by girls and families tackling everything from healthcare to climate change


Professionals in education, engineering, AI, tech, and more have nurtured a love of learning as program mentors

After participating in our programs children and adults are more confident, resilient, and self-reliant problem solvers.

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"It's really important for families to learn together. The great thing about [Technovation] is it introduces young children all over the world to technology, computing, AI and machine learning, and also their families."

Jeff Dean, SVP and Senior Fellow, Google AI

Our programs

Encourage the entire family to be changemakers

Learning together, parents and children build their creative problem-solving and technology skills while increasing their confidence as community changemakers.


More curious

Active problem-solvers

90% of parents surveyed saw improvements in their child's ability to generate new ideas, seek new information and solve problems through our Technovation Families program.


Engaged citizens

Excited to take action

84% of parents said they were more likely to take action to improve their community after participating in Technovation Families.


Learn how children’s and adults’ views and use of AI shifted after participating in Technovation Families from our presentation at the International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence.

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It is important that parents take time to encourage creativity in their children, learning with them is very enriching and more if they are current issues such as Artificial Intelligence, which is already revolutionizing our reality and the future of our children.

-Sandra Vega-Hildalgo, Mother, Bolivia

Our programs

Empower girls to be leaders and problem-solvers

Every year, teams of girls around the world identify and solve real problems through technology. Their experience has a powerful effect on their lives long after the program ends.


Confidence boost

Computer science and leadership

Girls who complete our program express a greater interest in technology and leadership with 58% of our alumni enrolling in more computer science courses after Technovation.

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Sustained interest in STEM

Girls who participate in Technovation Girls go on to pursue STEM degrees and jobs in STEM fields at much higher rates than national averages.


of Technovation alumni pursue a STEM degree compared to 21% of female undergraduates who received STEM-related degrees in 2012.


of Technovation alumni work in STEM-related positions, compared to the 29% national average in 2013.


Offer opportunities

Speaking, networking, internships

Girls who complete our program present at TEDx Women, participate in industry panels at IBM India Onward and Salesforce, network with heads of state, and receive design, development, and engineering internships at Fortune 500 companies.

Watch their experience in Codegirl

"It's good to see girls, who start from a very young age, come up with such global level ideas."

-Ram Kumar Sundaram, Technovation Girls Mentor, Adobe

Our programs

Encourage mentors to learn and grow with their mentees

Through our volunteer mentor opportunities organizations give their employees the chance to develop and grow their skills while making a difference in the lives of others and the community.


of industry professionals surveyed said their experience increased their creativity in the workplace


of program mentors said their communication and presentation skills improved after participating


of program mentors said the experience improved their professional relationships

Source: Impact study assessing the impact of a skills-based volunteerism program on professional engineers from Boeing, presented at the American Society for Engineering Education conference.


Encourage learning at any age

Recruit employees to mentor

Offer fulfilling mentorship opportunities to your employees while helping them build critical workplace skills like leadership, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Explore mentor opportunities

Make learning accessible to everyone

Become a corporate partner

Give more people around the world the opportunity to learn and create today with the technologies that will impact how they live and work tomorrow.

Support youth and adult learners

"Our employees work with [Technovation] students and families to help them understand AI and explore its possibilities through hands-on learning. We feel this work both increases morale among our own employees and inspires future technology leaders."

Tonie Hansen, Sr. Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, NVIDIA

Review our research

We partner with respected research organizations to assess and improve our programs’ individual and community impact. 

See how we encourage lifelong learning – and learn what we find works, and what doesn’t. 

Technovation 2020 Impact Report

Read about how COVID-19 affected our programs, what we learned, and where we go from here.

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WestEd's 2020 Survey of Technovation Girls Alumni

WestEd's analysis of Technovation Girls’ revealed sustained interest in STEM fields, with Technovation alumni seeking STEM degrees and STEM careers at higher rates than the national average.

Read MIT's Analysis

MIT Analysis of Technovation Girls

MIT’s analysis of Technovation Girls’ revealed changes in computational thinking and programmatic complexity; sponsored by Salesforce.org.

Read MIT's Analysis

WestEd Mentoring and Motivation Report

WestEd found mentors and family members provide critical motivation to girls throughout our program.

Review WestEd's results.

Gathering and evaluating program data is critical to understanding our effectiveness. As we strive to understand how our programs fail and succeed we remain committed to continually improving our operations through a data-driven approach.

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