Empower lifelong learning at work and in the community.

As we all strive to stay ahead of changes in technology, too few of us have opportunities to keep up. 

We believe everyone can create positive change in their lives and in their community. 

Through our technology entrepreneurship curriculum, girls learn to code their way to becoming confident community leaders and change-makers.

Families realize their potential to learn and use AI to solve real-world problems as they play and create together.

Our alumni pursue education and leadership opportunities through additional courses, and network at Fortune 500 tech companies and international organizations including the UN and UNESCO. 

Our mentors become more confident, creative, and report having a better relationship with their company after volunteering.

It’s all possible through the support and passion of partners who help make this work possible. 

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Learn why NVIDIA believes AI literacy is important, what they look for in a nonprofit partner, and why they chose to work with Technovation (formerly Iridescent) to bring AI literacy to communities around the world.


Support and encourage

Diversity in tech

Today, only 1 in 5 C-suite leaders is a woman, and only 1 in 25 is a woman of color. We want to give more women, girls, and underrepresented people the opportunity to contribute to today’s technologies so tomorrow’s solutions will reflect the diversity of those they help. Let’s work together to create a partnership that aligns our collective impact goals.

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Work with us to inspire, engage, and support communities to build a better world with technology.

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Employees as volunteer mentors

Many of our partners provide their employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities to inspire innovation and leadership among girls and families. Whether your employees are in technical professions or not, we offer ways for you to engage them in activities that use and build their professional skills - like collaboration, creative thinking, and problem solving - at the level and time commitment that works best for them.

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Our Partners

Thank you to all our partners for your generous donation of time, talent, and funding.


Learn how NVIDIA engaged their employees and helped us bring artificial intelligence education to families around the world.

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Discover more about the creative problem solvers who are learning about and building mobile apps and AI prototypes to change the world.

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