A Plan to Empower 25 Million Girls

A powerful investment

The Power of Girls

There are nearly 600 million adolescent girls in the world. Can you imagine what would be possible if all of them had the opportunity to develop as leaders, creatives, and problem solvers?

What starts with one girl believing she can improve her community becomes a powerful force for change. Educating girls and preparing them to be leaders and innovators means also addressing enormous global issues like poverty, climate change, gender violence, and global health. This ripple effect is one of the most powerful ways to tackle the problems we’re facing and to lift entire economies.

But we don’t have time to spare. We have to act now. And you can be part of it.

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A bold vision


Technovation has a plan to educate 25 million girls in the next 15 years.

Over the last 17 years, we’ve engaged 400,000 students, mentors, volunteers, and educators and built a girls’ technology education program that is adaptable, scaleable, and has a lasting impact. In building that program we’ve built a global network of support for girls and women in tech.

Now we’re planning for the next 15 years, and we’re ready to do more and dream bigger.

Technovation is committing to rapidly equip 25 million girls with tech, entrepreneurship, and leadership skills by 2037. But we can’t do it alone. 

Launching The AI Forward Alliance to bring this vision to life.

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The Blueprint

We set the goal. Now here’s how we make it happen. 

Partnerships. We will build a network of partners who are committed to building gender equality in technology, innovation, and leadership. We are calling corporate partners, industry partners, government partners, community partners, NGOs, and individuals to join Technovation in empowering more girls.

Social Capital. Technovation and our partners will provide local communities with the resources and tools they need to run Technovation Girls and adapt it to their communities.

Curriculum. We will continue to refine and expand our curriculum to teach girls to code, use artificial intelligence, and help them develop business and leadership skills.

Build an ecosystem of women innovators and investors. We will connect the women and girls with ideas to improve our planet with the women and girls who want to invest in powerful technologies and create a powerful network intent on healing the planet.

To engage and support 25 million girls, we will  connect and work with 50 large NGOs, and develop long-term, sustainable relationships with 1,500 universities and 5,000 corporations. 

This scale of work will also require a substantial investment.

A Multi-phase Plan

Technovation’s blueprint for empowering 25 million girls to become innovators and changemakers will unroll across 3 horizons. Each horizon will build on and amplify the activities from the previous horizon, and we will adjust our tactics as we learn from our early efforts.

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Horizon 1: Expansion and Investment (2023-2026)
reach 141,700 girls and young women
Funding needed: $22M

Horizon 2: Curriculum, training, and thought leadership (2027-2029)
Goals: reach 756,000 girls and young women
Funding needed: $51M

Horizon 3: Building an ecosystem of women investors and entrepreneurs (2030-2037)
Goals: reach 25 million girls and young women
Funding needed: $749M

The Impact

Existing evaluation framework

We measure program impact by evaluating student and adult development of specific knowledge, skills, and personal growth, and conduct both annual and longer term data collection.

Every season we survey girls, volunteers, and parents to track changes in: content knowledge, interest in STEM education and careers, technical skills in STEM and entrepreneurship, leadership skills, metacognition skills and real-world problem-solving skills, personal growth throughout the program, including self-efficacy

We also conduct a deep dive survey every five years with all alumnae ages 18+ to evaluate the long-term impact of the program. This is an external evaluation.

To measure longer-term impact, we conduct annual and longitudinal alumnae surveys. We evaluate the program’s impact on: access to resources, agency, self-efficacy, empowerment, life achievements

Additional measures of impact and success

As part of this long-term strategic effort, we will also research, adapt and develop metrics of measuring the overall impact of our program and approach on the community itself.

We hypothesize that a community will be more resilient to external changes and shocks if its members:

  1. increase their sense of agency, influence and self-efficacy
  2. have an increased and more diverse set of social connections (e.g. mentors from industry and leaders from government)
  3. are more open to girls and women becoming technology innovators and entrepreneurs (Rights and Resilience, Technovation 2020)

Download the full Strategic Plan for more information on our assessment and evaluation tools. 

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Reaching 25 million girls in 15 years is an ambitious goal, but we believe it’s the best way to build a healthier, fairer, and more sustainable world. Educating and empowering girls with technology and leadership skills enables:

  • Uplifting communities from poverty
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Increasing health outcomes 
  • Increasing innovation
  • Increasing economic growth for communities
  • Improving food systems
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing peace and stability

In other words: well-being for all, and the planet.

But we know we can’t do it alone. This is a goal for Technovation and a goal for the world. We are building an network of partners who are committed to building gender equality in technology, innovation, and leadership. We need corporate partners, industry partners, government partners, community partners, NGOs, and individuals.

If you are not already part of the Technovation network and you want to join the team that will drive transformative change for the world in the hands of girls—JOIN US TODAY.

Get Involved

Corporate & Industry Partners

There are multiple ways to get involved as a corporate partner: 

  • provide funding and help us engage more girls, recruit more volunteers, and develop better tools and resources
  • engage your employees in opportunities that make the most of their skills
  • host field trips, be a speaker, or otherwise share your expertise with girls around the world. 

Fill out the interest form and we’ll find a time to discuss corporate partnership options and what we can accomplish together. 

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A professional woman smiling with her arm around her mentee, who is a young girl from Cambodia who has just presented her app prototype at a Technovation event

Community and Educator Partners

Community Partners help bring Technovation Girls to life in their local communities. There are multiple ways to get involved as a community partner, whether it’s by recruiting girls and volunteer mentors, connecting with an existing chapter or club in your area, or starting a new chapter or club.

Fill out our interest form and we’ll find the best fit for you and your organization.

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Participate in another way

Do you have another idea for how you want to get involved? Do you have resources to share, partnerships to develop, ways to improve our curriculum? We’d love to hear about it!

Fill out our interest form and we’ll be in touch to talk about how to work together.

2023 Finalists

In the 2023 season, 7,000+ girls from 61 countries developed 2,000 mobile apps to solve community problems. That’s 2,000 ways that the world got a little better this year. Teams addressed problems like domestic violence, air pollution, education access, accessibility, water quality, poverty and so much more.

With the help of mentors and local ambassadors, these girls have made enormous progress in their communities as well as their own journeys as innovators and leaders.

Click on each image to watch each team’s pitch video about the problem in their community and their solution.

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