Minnesota program that teaches girls to develop, pitch apps honors the best


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Cork teen develops app for occupational therapy patients

Silicon Republic

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Rochester students rack up recognition with the creation of an app to help children prepare for surgery

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UNOOSA and Technovation sign agreement to help girls leverage space technologies for sustainable development

UNIS Vienna

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Technovation helps young women through digital learning

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Albanian teenage girls create app to save one of Europe’s last wild rivers

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UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition helps grow Technovation Girls in key regions


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A Life-Changing App

The New York Times Upfront

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Shopify expands Technovation partnership globally, inspiring future women in tech Shopify expands Technovation partnership globally, inspiring future women in tech

Shopify Newsroom

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How Technovation, An International Nonprofit, Is Using Mentors To Help Girls Learn About Artificial Intelligence


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AI’s Future Success Depends on Women: A conversation with Deepmind and the UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence

Topic: The future of AI and how to support girls and women (A virtual event)
Date: Oct 11, 2021
Time: 11:00am EDT

Technovation Girls alumnae Michelle Muchilwa (who developed an app to fight plastic pollution in Lake Victoria) will moderate a conversation between Lila Ibrahim, the Chief Operating Officer of DeepMind, and Sana Khareghani, Head of the UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence.

IJCAI 2021: Technology, Girls, & Sustainable Development

Topic: Technology, Girls, & Sustainable Development (Virtual Event)
Date: Aug 23, 2021
Time: 7:00 AM PST - 11:40 AM PST

On August 23rd, Technovation hosted a virtual workshop for girls, women, and industry professionals who want to use technology for social good! Together, we learned about powerful technology tools like artificial intelligence and space data (which includes big data sets collected by satellites).

Learn more and see a video replay

Girls + Space + AI: Technovation and UNOOSA

Topic: Girls + Space + AI: Technovation and UNOOSA
Date: May 18, 2021

A panel conversation about how we can empower girls to use Space and AI tools for sustainable development

Global Parent Group

Topic: Global Parent Group
Date: Mar 04, 2021
Time: 2:30pm UTC

Let’s explore ways to support children as STEM learners through small changes in our language and conversations. Parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles, or mentors are welcome!

SXSWEDU 2020 – Panel Conversation

Topic: Creativity vs Coding: The Skill Set of Tomorrow

In the past 20 years, a breathtaking number of technological innovations have changed the way we live and work. To build a world where we thrive in partnership with automation and technology, we need to identify, preserve, and cultivate the skills that make us uniquely human: agency, collaboration, and creative problem-solving.

Watch the recording

Technovation Families AI Launch Event, Santa Clara

We kicked the Technovation Families season off with a launch event in Santa Clara. Hosted by NVIDIA and in partnership with UNIVISION, children and their parents played, learned about, and explored Artificial Intelligence.

Technovation World Pitch 2019

Meet Technovation Girls’ finalists and hear how their apps remove invasive plants on farms, tackle opioid addiction, save dying languages, and more.

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The Cooper Union New York City

Topic: Our Brain on AI
Date: Mar 21, 2019

Learn about the human and social implications of artificial intelligence and machine learning through the concerns and questions of NYC teens.

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UNESCO Mobile Learning Week Paris

Topic: Will AI Promote Equity and Gender Equality?
Date: Mar 06, 2019

A panel event at UNESCO Mobile Learning Week, discussing using AI in education, gendered AI, implications of AI on issues of gender and equity and more.

SXSWEDU 2019 Austin, TX

Topic: Demystifying AI: Machine Learning in the Classroom
Date: Mar 04, 2019

Classrooms today are no strangers to coding, or even robotics―but few teach artificial intelligence. Technovation teamed up with NVIDIA to produce a curriculum demystifying AI for youth, teaching them real-world ways AI can be used for good.

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Hogan Lovells

Topic: Artificial Intelligence, Education, and Ethics Washington, DC

Panelists identified steps organizations and industry leaders can take to address the gap between rapidly advancing technology and underserved communities, including how AI-powered algorithms can be developed and deployed,  unintended effects AI could have on people, and creative strategies to educate and empower people.

MacArthur K-8 University Academy

Topic: Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Teachers Detroit, MI

Participants discussed what makes computers and humans unique and whether artificial intelligence could replace teachers. Detroit families shared their questions and concerns during this lively debate.