This season, nearly 11,000 girls from 69 countries created 3,200 tech-based solutions to community problems. That’s a lot of change in the world in just a few short weeks. Congratulations to every girl brave enough to stand up for what she believes in, learn new things, and take action.
Teams addressed problems ranging from elder care to air pollution to education access and so much more.

Supported by mentors, local ambassadors, and other volunteers, Technovation Girls have made — and will continue to make — an enormous impact on their communities. We are proud of every single person who participated in the program this season, and honored to be part of your journeys as leaders and changemakers.

Today we are pleased to introduce you to the 2024 Technovation Girls finalists, regional winners, and special award winners. We also extend a special thank you to the Judge Advisors who took the time to review 11 or more submissions this year, providing thoughtful feedback and advice to each team.

Meet the 2024 Technovation Girls Regional Winners

Get to know the teams who earned the award of Regional Winner this year, and learn about their projects. (If you prefer, you can hop directly to the Beginner Division, Junior Division, or Senior Division Regional Winners!)


Beginner Division Regional Winners

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members

Beginner Regional Winner: Africa
Trigger, by Naapu

“Our project is an AI system called Trigger. Trigger uses audio classification and is deployed in mobile phones, and soon other devices, to detect gunshots and screaming in a banditry-ridden community, such as ours, to alert in real time nearby communities and law enforcement agencies to respond immediately.”

Beginner Regional Winner: Asia
G-Power, by E2stem Digitech Golden Girls

“Our team decided to address the problem of “equal education and rights for girls and boys”. We think without education, most people couldn’t even live a healthy and happy life. G-Power, which stands for Girl-Power, is an app that teaches and encourages girls to go to school. Our lessons are from CARE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION and UNICEF.”

Beginner Regional Winner: Europe
Speak For Me, by AlkevTechnoGirls

“Research shows that the rate of speech impaired individuals in our country is 0.7%. These people try to communicate using methods such as sign language, written communication and lip reading. However, these methods are not always sufficient. To solve this problem, we developed a mobile application called ‘Speak for Me’ which translates written text or ready-made speech patterns into voice language. Additionally, it aims to improve the quality of life of disabled individuals with its game and emergency features.”

Beginner Regional Winner: Latin America
Aqua Care, by Artystic

“Aqua Care is a personal water consumption meter on your phone. The main objective is to raise awareness among users of the water that is consumed “passively” during the day and to provide a tool to reduce waste. AquaCare currently has a normal tap and shower meter, but plans to add different water loads in the home, such as irrigation, washing machine, toilet flushing functions, etc.”

Beginner Regional Winner: North America
The Recyclers, by TheRecyclers

“There is a lot of trash in our world, and people throw their trash in the wrong bin or simply throw everything into the garbage. This causes pollution in the world and all of this is causing climate change, many animals die because of it every year. The Recyclers app addresses this. Users take a photo of an item and the app tells them if it’s recyclable or not, so they can know the difference and throw them in the correct garbage bin.”

Junior Division Regional Winners

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members

Junior Regional Winner: Africa
Food911, by Ikini Tech Team

“In Nigeria, hunger is the most pressing crisis affecting children, with UNICEF reporting that 25 million Nigerians, including six million children under five, are at high risk of food insecurity.
An average of 33 children are born into hunger every minute.
The FOOD911 app addresses this emergency by mobilizing individuals and organizations to donate food to children in low-income schools and slums. Leveraging real-time data and UNICEF’s research, Food 911 facilitates efficient food distribution, ensuring that the most vulnerable children receive the nutrition they need to survive and thrive in the face of this dire humanitarian challenge.”

Junior Regional Winner: Asia
ParkNow, by 14.Qaffin Girls Higher Basic School.tulkarm
State of Palestine

“Tulkarm and other cities in Palestine have air pollution because of too many cars emitting co2. In Palestine, transportation is the primary source of co2 emissions,which is 67% of the 73% of emissions from energy sources, while they constitute 16.2% of 73% of emissions from energy sources in world. We made ParkNow app for drivers and parking owners to share vehicles, which reduces waiting, searching for parking and saves money,and fights climate change globally.”

Junior Regional Winner: Europe
Secure Hands, by Abstract

“While Ireland’s emergency services excel in handling a variety of languages, the 10,000 members of the deaf community who communicate exclusively through Irish Sign Language (ISL) are vastly neglected by these life-saving facilities as most emergency services providers lack knowledge of basic ISL. ISL users are left vulnerable in times of crisis. Secure Hands utilises machine learning to help emergency responders learn and interpret ISL.”

Junior Regional Winner: Latin America
Regreenify, by Regreenify

“Many people don’t recycle, reduce, or reuse because they find it tiring and boring. As a result, landfills overflow and leak into public areas of Paraguay, which pollute the environment and harm our health. Regreenify hopes to change the mindset people have, by fostering ecofriendly habits and making recycling fun. It provides a list of creative DIY projects personalized to materials they have, to incentivize the user and challenge them to complete daily environment-oriented objectives. It also provides information and answers FAQs. With this, we hope to ‘Regreenify’ Earth and positively impact nature, letting us live in a healthier environment.”

Junior Regional Winner: North America
Sunshine for Seniors, by Radiant Royals
United States

“Senior living residents are often lonely and miss senior living activities because they cannot follow the activity calendar or need encouragement to participate. The Sunshine for Seniors app allows residents’ family members to view the facility’s activity calendar, and choose which activities their family member would like to attend. This triggers the facility’s caregivers to remind, encourage, and escort the resident to that activity. After the activity, families receive an event report and photos. This app will decrease loneliness in seniors, by increasing participation in activities, and strengthen senior communities by improving the connection between facilities, families and residents.”

Senior Division Regional Winners

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members

Senior Regional Winner: Africa
Secure, by Dreamers team

“Through our app Secure, we aim to solve the public transport problem.  Our mission is to tackle the hurdles commuters encounter, including the frustrations of pushing and waiting, by providing safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services. We aim to foster social inclusion and environmental sustainability every step of the way, and will share 50% of our profits to improve the conditions of underprivileged children, especially refugees.”

Senior Regional Winner: Asia
SafHer, by LuminaWay

“The LuminaWay developers created SafHer, a mobile application that assists women in navigating through unfamiliar places safely. It achieves this by offering valuable comparative data on various route options leading to a single destination by considering factors such as crime rates, street conditions, and foot traffic. The developers aim to gather all the information in a single click as it displays route recommendations and presents the factors and risks of each route variation. This application will also thrive on community-driven information through real-time street updates.”

Senior Regional Winner: Europe
TeenTalk, by MYBIT

“Romania ranks first in Europe in cases of underage mothers. It is a problem that raises many questions. Why is sexual education always overlooked? Why do young people feel embarrassed to talk about it? We may not be able to give you all the answers, but we have the solution. TeenTalk is an app that provides useful information about sexual diseases, advice, and moral support. Through lessons, inspirational animations, and an AI assistant that answers any questions, we plant the seed for a better sexual education and help for underage mothers.”

Senior Regional Winner: Latin America
Connect Sounds, by Bionic Girls

“We’re the Bionic Girls, four deaf girls with cochlear implants (technology that allow us to hear). We may miss sounds like alams or doorbells! But our Connect Sounds APP can hear for us. Last year, as Grand Prize winners, we built a bracelet that vibrates for outside sounds. This year’s project is a Smart Lamp for home and indoor. It connects to the APP and flashes differently depending on the sound that the user registered before. Showering without hearing aids? The light can warn about important sounds like doorbell or fire alarm! It helps to keep all the deaf community safe and independent.”

Senior Regional Winner: North America
MicroMind Balance, by Team Vista
United States

“MicroMind Balance, born from empathy for those battling Alzheimer’s, revolutionizes neurological wellness. Utilizing the gut-brain axis relationship, our app delivers personalized guidance via key features: diet tracker, therapy, and exercise prediction. The diet tracker enables manual or image-based meal logging, offering nutritional insights through the “View Analysis” button which illuminates the impact of each nutrient, educating users on food’s connection to cognitive health. Utilizing this data, our app crafts customized music therapy for rejuvenating the mind while also generating workouts tailored to the user’s dietary habits to enhance cognitive health. These innovative AI features foster the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases.”

Meet the 2024 Technovation Girls Finalists


Meet the 15 Finalist teams (jump directly to the Beginner Division, Junior Division, or Senior Division) who will be advancing to the final round of judging!


Beginner Division Finalist Teams

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members


Smart Elite, by AgriConnect

“Our Federal Ministry of Agriculture released a shocking report, saying that 31.5 million Nigerians will suffer from a food crisis and acute hunger between June and August this year, 2024! This is because the main food-producing region, the North, is unable to produce enough food. The solution to this problem is for every region to produce its food and 86% of those we spoke to in our community expressed interest in farming but lacked the means or resources to start. To achieve that, we developed AgriConnect—a mobile application connecting farmers,
nearby landowners, and seedling sellers.”

Training app for kids with cochlear Implants, by DigiDaisies

“IHear is an app for children with hearing loss who have undergone cochlear implantation surgery, designed to develop speech understanding and speaking skills; eliminate the gap in knowledge of the world around us; and reduce costs for training materials and specialist services. Our solution is a universal multifunctional application that includes: a glossary; selection of words on topics in the form of pictures, animations and videos with sounds and written texts; examples of using words in life situations; word tests for understanding and speaking; AI image recognition; speech gymnastics; sound simulator; neuro-exercises, and possibility to contact the specialists.”

BookaBook, by Go code

“We have created a printed book exchange app to facilitate acess to reading for children, reduce their carbon footprint and promote a circular economy. This way, we help to meet the SDGs 4, 12 and 13.
BookaBook has a login and register screen, a menu to navigate the app, and a catalogue stored in the cloud to check the books available. We have a scanner to identify the ISBN. With a chat we can talk to our friends and meet to exchange books. We have programmed a chatbot linked to openAI and included a carbon-footprint savings counter.”

TermoEmotion, by Motivational Girls

“Children and adolescents’ emotional distress has surged in Spain, increasing from 19.5% to 32.2% between 2019 and 2022. Globally, 3.6% of 10 to 14-year-olds suffer from anxiety disorders. To address the lack of emotional expression among youth, Termoemotion, an app developed by three 11-year-old girls, allows children to convey their emotions to adults, aiding intervention. Unlike other mood tracking apps, Termoemotion fosters direct communication between minors and caregivers. Assisted by AI, it offers coping strategies and motivational content, designed with expert input and gamification, aiming for widespread use to tackle current and future youth mental health challenges.”

With you, by H.K-kitten

“We are “H.K-Kittens” and we have developed “With You”, a mobile application on APP INVENTOR for children who are home alone. With the purpose of protecting children in dangerous situations and maintaining communication with absent parents, our app offers emergency phone numbers, instructions for critical situations, and tips to prevent accidents. Additionally, it features a chat to communicate with parents and a space where they can leave affectionate and motivating voice messages. “With You” provides security and connection, ensuring that children feel protected and accompanied at all times.”

Junior Division Finalist Teams

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members

Marlarax, by Mars Africa

“Children under 5 accounted for about 80% of malaria deaths in our area. Kakamega County is one of the endemic regions where transmission occurs throughout the year. The staggering global statistics, particularly the high burden of malaria in Africa, further solidified our resolve to make a difference. Despite existing efforts such as mosquito nets and spraying, the death toll from malaria remains unacceptably high. We are developing an educational gaming app about malaria in western Kenya. Our app uniquely raise awareness, educate, and interactively promote preventive measures through quizzes and interactive learning modules that cover various aspects of malaria.”

OriPal, by Spes😊Dojo

“Meet Oripal, a breakthrough in tackling Japan’s aging crisis and the global dementia challenge. As one in three Japanese individuals becomes a senior by 2025 and caregiving labor falls short, Oripal steps in. This innovative app utilizes the therapeutic art of origami for dementia prevention, offering simple 3D lessons. Oripal goes beyond, creating a community space for collaborative activities. Specifically designed for the elderly, an AI avatar ensures user-friendly guidance. It strikes a balance between tradition and technology, addressing global health concerns while preserving Japan’s cultural heritage. We are crafting memories, one fold at a time. Origami to fight dementia.”

LEO, by Las Technostars
“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world” (Nelson Mandela, 1990)
Shocked by the lack of quality education, even in first-world countries (United Nations report, 2023), we decided to build an application that, through fun games and activities, allows people to read and write. Not only for children but also for adults with learning disabilities or who don’t have access to school.”

Flame Fighters, by FlameHearts

“FlameFighters is an app programmed and designed to prevent forest fires. With it, thousands of people will be able to see on a map the hotspots of active fires in their area. In addition to being able to visualize the temperature, humidity and wind in their area. They will also be able to make calls to alert authorities such as the police, firefighters and emergency services. Finally, there is another screen with information about the causes of fires and tips on how to prevent them.”

SafeCross, by Vision Guardians

“SafeCross is an AI app to increase the safety and mobility of individuals with sight impairments. According to Vision Australia, 1 in 12 individuals with sight impairments have been hit by a vehicle or cyclist when crossing the street. With the SafeCross app, visually impaired individuals can simply hold up their phone upon reaching an intersection, and the app will detect and voice out the accurate pedestrian traffic signal instantly. This app prevents fatal accidents for individuals with sight impairments and enhances invaluable independence and mobility in their daily lives.”

Senior Division Finalist Teams

Note: we add team videos to this page once we have consent from all team members

Agape, by Agape

“In Malaysian schools, special education struggles with personalized learning and effective communication, hindering skill development and SDG 4 (Quality Education) and 10 (Inclusivity). Kids with diverse needs encounter learning, coordination, and speech difficulties. Agape, utilizing advanced AI like Posenet Extension, aids coordination by identifying hand movements in real-time. It tailors lessons, engaging features, and speech assistance, fostering inclusivity. The ‘Talk’ feature facilitates communication through symbols and text, while creative tools like voice calculators and games enhance learning. Agape addresses these challenges comprehensively, promoting a supportive and inclusive learning environment for special needs students in Malaysia.”

MicroGlio, by MicroGlio
United Kingdom

“MicroGlio is a mobile app, serving to better the everyday lives of Dementia patients by a plethora of functions. In the Dementia app market, interactive games dominate. MicroGlio tends to often overlooked struggles of patients, providing a more tailored approach than existing apps. After interviewing Dementia carers, we understood that patients often forget thirst, toiletry and movement needs, or struggle to remember a word they intend to express; they suffer from uneven mood patterns, and unstable appetites. Thus, MicroGlio provides customisable reminders of thirst, toiletary and movement; keep tracks of a patient’s mood and appetite; and a picture dictionary.”

Greens, by GreenRock

“We created this app to help solve misinformation and lack of support when taking action against climate change. We believe these are one of the main reasons people tend to feel unmotivated to join the fight. The solution our app proposes is to make forums, in which the creator of the forum shares their project to gain support, signatures, financial help, activities or simply to inform others about the issue that is happening.”

EcoWear, by Love Tech
United States

“EcoWear is the perfect platform to start shopping sustainably. While buying fast fashion seems easier, this practice is detrimental to both the environment and workers. Each year millions of clothes are produced and thrown away. EcoWear helps you find eco-friendly brands that match your style, size, and financial status.

Features: The catalog and thrift store locator allows you to shop from stores in your area or online based on your style preference. Earn points and certifications for shopping sustainably. Have fun with our virtual dress-up game! Experiment with real sustainable clothing pieces to see how they mix and match.”

CommuniCare, by CommuniCare

“According to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, health and wellbeing of the citizens as well as equality within countries are essential for a viable society. However, in Montreal, a city renowned for its diverse population, people affected by language barriers encounter difficulties when accessing medical services. In addressing this challenge, we developed CommuniCare, an internationalized application that aims to match people with healthcare professionals that suit their needs. Therefore, enhancing care accessibility in Montreal. App users have the ability to seamlessly navigate CommuniCare, using their preferred language and utilizing search tools and filters to find a compatible healthcare professional.”

Special Award Winners

Climate Award

BreezeVision AI, by BreezeVision AI

“BreezeVision predicts the energy generation of a wind farm with 97.8% accuracy for adjustable time ranges from ultra-short-term to weekly. Our AI model utilizes bidirectional processing and gated recurrent units. An increase in prediction accuracy and stability allows for the optimization of grid management, energy distribution, operation safety, and the decrease of risks & costs of curtailed energy, wear & tear regulation costs, etc. BreezeVision hopes to bridge environmental impact & economic benefits to further the initiative of transitioning to a green world!”

Combating Hunger Award

AgriConnect, by SmartElite

“Our Federal Ministry of Agriculture released a shocking report, saying that 31.5 million Nigerians will suffer from a food crisis and acute hunger between June and August this year, 2024! This is because the main food-producing region, the North, is unable to produce enough food. The solution to this problem is for every region to produce its food and 86% of those we spoke to in our community expressed interest in farming but lacked the means or resources to start. To achieve that, we developed AgriConnect—a mobile application connecting farmers, nearby landowners, and seedling sellers.”

Sponsored by Synopsys

EmpowerEd Excellence Award

DeCode App, by DeCode App

“DeCode is a mobile app that aggregates CS vocabulary into visually-guided flashcards and tailors the GPT-4 language model to assist non-English-speaking programming enthusiasts, amplifying accessibility to the field of computing for everyone, everywhere. Today, every one of the 11 most in-demand programming languages is English-based. If programming is monolingual, it means that 75% of the world’s population who don’t speak English is collectively denied access to coding. This is a big problem when it comes to equal, global access to the field of computing — particularly in an age where our future job markets are collectively undergoing digital transformations.”

2024 Judge Advisors

Every year, thousands of volunteer Judges generously share their time to review submissions and ultimately help select the semifinalists, Regional Winners, Finalists, and Special Prize winners. We are grateful to every judge who volunteers with us, but want to especially recognize those judges who went above and beyond by judging 11 or more submissions this year and earning the title of Judge Advisor.

Aakriti Kher, EY
Abdul Jaleel Dudekula, Goldman Sachs
Abdulrafiu Izuafa, notes.
Abhishek Kumar, EY
Abiola Imafidon, Western Illinois University
Adebisi Odeleye, Moore Organics
Adeniji Oluwafemi Boboye, Pelse Consulting
Adeola Agbonyin, MiX Temematics
Adeola Osabiya, Salem State University
Aderemi Bunmi Kutelu, Equity Point Prague s.r.o aka Safestay Hostel
Aderonke Ademola-Ajibade, National Centre for Technology Management
Adolfo Cabrera, SoftServe
Akesh Damaraju, Dish Network
Akhil Mittal, Synopsys
Akinbusola Olushola, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Alejandra Cordero, Hospital de la universidad de chile
Alejandra Palacios Pantoja, Ciena
Alejandro San Martin, Xtravaganza
Alexandra Ferrer Bahri, EXFO
Alexandra Matus, Docente Universidad Santa María
Alicia Arias, HP Inc
Alicia Balbontin, REDMAD
Allison Creamer, Shopify
Alyssa Gibson-Allen, Salesforce
Amaka Onebunne, Northern Illinois University
Amanda Délano, MoovMedia Group
Amarachi Blessing Madu, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
Amarachukwu Isiaka, Qatar Airways Medical Division
Amaya Alberdi Garriga, Santander
America Magaly Hernandez Soc, Coppel
Amit Aman, Amazon
Amita Chintawar, EY
Amos Oyetoro, Amazon
Amy Thiessen, Respawn Entertainment
Ana Belloc, GFT IT Consulting
Ana Gómez, BBVA
Ana Kintsurashvili, Teacherslab
Ana Miriam Valenzuela Pinto, Por ahora independiente
Ananda Vardhana, Intel
Anca Busu (Radulescu), Oracle
Andrea Catalan, Universidad de Concepción
Andrea Lagos, Xilofor SA
Andrea Osses, WOM
Andrea Torrejón Paez, Telefonica
Andrei Alexandru Micu, Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR)
Angela Chen, Stanford Accelerator for Learning
Angela Martins, SovTech
Anil Bansal, Amazon
Aniruddha Girish Pai, Handshake
Ankush Keskar, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Anshul Arora, EY
Anusha Yella, AT&T
Aparna Krishna Bhat, EY
April Hawkins, MetLife
Arvind Kumar Ragiphani, Navy Federal Credit Union
Aspillaga Alejandro, MetLife
Athanasia Brachou, Wipro
Attila Rácz, Ericsson
Augustine Bio, TD Bank
Awodiji Oluwatofunmi, Goldman Sachs
Ayodele Amodu, Auburn University
Ayooluwa Ebire, IHS Towers Limited
Azizkhon Ishankhonov, EPAM
Babageldi Gurbanov, Dagly Bil
Baggie Cuchacovich, BCI
Barbara Gaspar, Contpaqi
Barun Dey, Wipro
Basil Kwan, EY
Benita Urhobo, Groksys
Bhavin Trikamji, Accesso
Bhavinbhai Lakhani, Dack Consulting Solutions
Blaire Bartholomew, Equinix
Bolanle Matti, Palo Alto Networks Inc
Brianda Mariana Jimenez del Rio, Intel
Caleigh Chan, EY
Camila Valenzuela, Zenta Group
Camila Andrea Araya Gutierrez, Parque científico tecnológico UCN
Camila Colmenares, Dividendo Voluntario para la Comunidad / United Way Venezuela
Camila Perez, Adolfo Ibáñez University
Carla Ruvalcaba, SoftServe
Carla Tapia Guerrero, shimin ingenieria
Carlos Durán, FLOW
Carol Allende, ComeS
Carola Rios,
Carolina Avila, Coopeuch
Carolina Duarte, EY
Carolina Espinoza, BHP
Carolina Zambrano, Baker Hughes
Catalina Bello, Comeduc
Catalina Carvajal, Google
Catalina Lagos, Universidad Andres Bello
Cecilia Arancibia, ADRetail
Cesar Alonso Martínez Sánchez, Oracle
Chandini Varanasi, EY
Chiamaka Osumgba, Field
Chidubem Damian Dibie, Magna International Inc
Chinyere Eme, Center for Applied Earth Science and Engineering Research
Chirag Mavani, DXC Technology
Chisom Nnajiofor, Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly
Chițigoi Crina-Mariana, Adfaber
Christian BRUNEL,
Chukwuemeka Dibie, General Hospital Isolo
Cindy Pino, Scotiabank
Claudia Alvarez, CIONET
Claudia Aracena, Scotiabank
Claudia Barria, Independant
Claudia Castillo, Independant
Claudia Reynoso, Intel
Claudia Vera, BCI
Comfort Adesoye-Olisa, Adesoyeolisworld
Consuelo Castillo, Instituto Profesional AIEP
Corina Popescu, Liceul Teoretic Tudor Arghezi
Cotty Andueza, Centro de Negocios Sercotec Arica Norte
Cristian Moya, Scotiabank
Cristina Gloria, Oracle
Cristobal Miramontes, HPI
Cynthia Osuala, Stevens Institute of Technology
Dámare Araya Valenzuela, Universidad Católica del Norte
Daniela Cabrera, Moxie Labs
Daniela Hernandez, Enparalelo
Daniela Serrano, ThoughtWorks
Daniela Vegas, Transbank
Danni Li, Rime Labs
Deana Tazhibaeva, IEO Kyrgyzstan
Deborah Ayandipe, Rubies Technologies
Deepa Pahuja, Amazon – AWS
Delma George, UBS
Denisse Bravo, WOM
Diana Muhammedova, American Councils
Dianela Nunez, Thales
Dima Tarazi, Parsons
Doel Kar, EY
Dora Miranda, Transbank
Edward Mandell Jr, Thales
Elebute Moyosore, Gifted KiddyFarms
Elena Unciuleanu, SC Reporting Center SRL
Emediong Akpabio, Child Solidarity Group
Emmanuel Ogundele, North Carolina A&T State University
Erandi Lopez, SoftServe
Ernesto Islas, Altimetrik México
Esosa Omoregie, Georgia Southern University
Eugenio Diaz Torres, REPSOL
Eugenio Pérez, Scotiabank
Eva Andrade, Transbank
Eva María Celma, Endesa SA
Evelyn Olson, University of Alabama
Evgeniia Megrian, SLSBMB
Farhad Artykov, Undp
Fasihuddin Mirza, Infosys
Felice Ibba, NTT DATA
Felicia Orungbamila, Jaws international limited
Fernanda Herreros, Creatividad e Inteligencia
Fhyeinjet Bai, EY
Florentina Mihai, Adfaber
Foong Min Wong, Keysight Technologies
Fran Mondaca, RICOH
Francisca Martin, ForoInnovación
Francisca Montero, Desafío Latam
Francisca Lizama, Independant
Francisca Prado, Scotiabank
Francisca Udegbe, Great River Health
Francisco Rivillo, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Freddy Lazo, Gama
Gaurav Anand, Goldman Sachs
Gbemileke Oyeniran, Klasshour
Geetanjali N, EY
Geila Gostivari, AUBG
Gerardo Gonzalez, Universidad de Concepción
Gerardo Nungaray Navarro, HP Inc
Giga Shubitidze, TBC Bank
Giorgi Alkhazishvili, TBC Bank
Glenda Fariña, Transbank
Gloria Livwell-Anamonye, Kayron International Schools
Godfred Okai Darko, InspiNest Foundation
Graciela Muñoz Alvarez, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Graciela Urrutia, Transforma Alimentos
Guadalupe Zapata Castro, IPN
Gulnara Tayjanova, Eni Turkmenistan
Gustavo Nava, WOM
Gwyne O’Dwyer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Han Lee, Primary School
Happy Iguare, Morgan State University
Haris Yousuf, Stemers
Helen Ipinza Wolff, Agencia nacional de investigación y desarrollo de Chile
Herb Hofmann, Loews Corporation
Hirwing González, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello
IfeOluwapo Ayeni, EY
Ignacio Palma, Parque Arauco
Ikenna Odezuligbo, Creighton University
Ileriayo Adebiyi, HighTable Inc.
Imma Valls, Grafana Labs
Iñaki Echeandia, Salesforce
Indira Duisembayeva, Skillset schools
Inés Blanco Rivas, N/A
Iseult Mangan, Teen-Turn
Ishan Maheshwari, Amazon
Israel Román-Godínez, Universidad de Guadalajara
Ivan Enrique Tarazona Caceres, Grupo Strapptech
Ivonne Salfate, Servicios profesionales especializados ltda
Jacknelly Cadenas, Aquanima-Grupo Santander
Jaime Jerónimo, IBM
Jasna Roki, MetLife
Javier Palma, Coder Plus
Javiera Aliaga, EY
Jeannette Fuentes, Instituto profesional DUOC UC
Jeorgina Estefania Zerpa Gonzalez, Jr Import Usa Cars LTD, Multiclean Service LTD, Centro Ecocostura LTD
Jhansi Lakshmi Gorla, EY
Johanna Schorwer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María sede Hualpen
Jose Luis Garcia, Scotiabank
José Ponce, Independant
José Vallejos, Corporación Chilena de la Madera (CORMA)
Joseph Mart, Independant
Joshua Emeghai, Louisiana State University
Juan Carlos Peláez, EY
Judith Sánchez, BCI
Julia Díaz García, REPSOL
Julích A. García González, Oracle
Kalyani Tummala, AMD
Kanika Wadhwa, igdtuw
Karan Bansal, Amazon
Karen Quevedo, Parque Arauco
KATERYNA Bartoshkina, Pull and Bear
Katherine Gómez, Ministerio de Obras Públicas
Katherine Díaz, ONNA SPA
Keerthana Akkala, IN010K33337
KEHINDE AYODEJI, Pittsburgh State University
Khushbu Choudhary, EPAM
Kimakwa Godfrey, CEMASTEA
Kimberley Mugadza, SovTech
Koushik Sundar, Citibank
Lakshmi Sivan, TE Connectivity
Laura Calderón Partida, IBM
Laura Sánchez-Crespo Bórnez, Clever Ads
Leila Tazhibaeva, IEO Kyrgyzstan
Leticia Lopez Monasterios, Ignea Soluciones
Lia Yumi Morimoto, Nubank
Lidia Rubio Aravena, Tecnologias Cobra Ltgda.

Liliana Fernandez, Wizeline
Linus Anyanna, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Rolla
Liza Escobar, Rheem Manufacturing
Lokanadham Potnuru, Meta Inc
Lorena de Lourdes Contreras, Globallys Accesibilidad Digital
Lorena Guirado, kyndryl
Lorena Palma, Ariztia
Loreto Martinez, Universidad de Chile
Loreto Sánchez, EY
Lucia Fiorella Alliegro Aparcedo, Arcos Dorados de Venezuela
Lucia Perez, Accenture
Lucy Liu, HKUST
Luis Manuel Pereida Diaz, IBM
Luz Evelia Contreras Herrera, Oracle
Luz María Quezada Núñez, Fundación para la Innovación Agraria FIA
Luz Marina Delgado, DEKAL EIRL
Ma. Cristina Basilio, Albemarle
Macarena Barrera
Macarena Palma, ReSimple
Madiha Mirza, Avanade
Madina Pulotova, Public Organization “Jahoni mo” (Our world )
Magdalena Basoalto, Echeverria Izquierdo
Majemite Daisy Iyangbe, Majemite Iyangbe
Manee Ngozi Nnamani, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Manuel Sanchez, eFullTalent
Mar Barceló, Las rozas
Marcela Alvarado, INACAP
Marcelo Alejandro Leiva Marín, INACAP
Marcos Pico Martínez, INDITEX
Margarita Valdes, NIC Chile, University of Chile
Maria Alejandra Rodriguez Le Maitre, Drone Pixel Ve
María Carla González González, IAG Tech
María del Rosario García Méndez, Aspel
Maria Eugenia Nabalon, Independant
Maria Gonzalez, Parsons
Maria Jaramillo, Aliados Web SAS
Maria José Rivera, propulsow
María José Farfán Márquez, FONASA
Maria Jose Montero, Google
Maria Jose Vicencio, LATAM Airlines
Maria Pilar Garcia Capisano, Business School UAI
Maria Popescu, Adfaber
Maria Portillo Montiel, WOM
Maria Soledad Lastra, Constructora Santiago Sur Spa
María Victoria Díaz Borges, LID
Maria-Josefa Ayarza-Leon, Empresas Lipigas S.A.
Mariam Zangaladze, IDEA DESIGN GROUP LLC
Marianna Delgado, Ariztia
Mariela Albornoz, Independant
Mario Gutierrez, WOM
Mario Hayden, Houston Community College
Maritza Lopez, Oracle
Marta Gonzalez Ramos, EY
Mary Chinwe Godwin, DevCA Initiative
Mary Shay Robles, EY
Matias Rios, Siderurgica Huachipato
Mauricio Saez, Scotiabank
Max Clark, Parsons
Mayowa Akinwande, Amex
MD Abul Khair, Intellectt Inc
Meghna Pippiri, EY
Melgarejo Scarlett María Fernanda, Productos Torre
Mercy Shitolwa, Geopoll
Merdan Durdyyew, Freelance
Meylí Valin Fernández, Universidad de Concepción
Michael Muturi, Ministry Of ICT authority of Kenya
Michael Nyame, WSP Canada Inc
Michelle Robbins, LinkedIn
Michelle Senerman, Edge Latam SpA
Miguel Lira, self-employed
Mildred Echezano, Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
Milton Chebet, Shekinah Glory Christian International School
Mohit Goenka, Yahoo
Monica Canaza Mamani, Elemental School
Mónica Nadal Arrieta,
Mónica Rojas Aracena, Consultora Independiente
Mónica Rosales, Fundación Patio Vivo
Mony Aramalla, Teen-Turn
Nabamita Kundu, EY
Nadia Ulloa, Constructora Excon SA
Nani Arabuli, Alte University
Narayan Kulkarni, Wedu
Naseemuddin Mohammad, Wipro
Nashrah Rahman, Wipro
Natalia Ojane Muñoz, Centro de Negocios Sercotec Arica Centro
Natalia Botero, Netafim Grupo Orbia
Nato Chakvetadze, 2080 Ventures
Naveen Kancham, Capital One
Nayana Rojas, Order Tech
Nazik Avlyakulova, U.S. Embassy Ashgabat
Nerea Ollo, PlanVital
Ngozi Chijioke-Odukwe, HDR Engineering
Nicolas Araque, Universidad Metropolitana
Nino Dzamashvili, Quantori Georgia
Nnenna Obi, Update Boutique/Update villes
Nona Kuloshvili, Quantori Georgia
Noor Trigui, University of Ottawa
Nova Aschenbach, IACO Consultora LTDA
Nuria Caballero Pascual, Capitole Consulting
Oana Cristina Ciobanu, Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR)
Odina Astarte Jacobs Gonzalez, Falabella Tecnologia Corportiva SpA
Ogechi Ofurum-Omeike, Bethesda Child Support Foundation
Ojeikere Akhadelor, Chapman University
Oke Fabamise Aruleba, Leorex Nig Ltd
Oksana Kulagina, HARMAN
Olatunde Asagba, EPAM
Olawumi Oladimeji, Austin Peay State University
Oliva Cavallar, Molycop
Oluomachi Ejiofor, Austin Peay State University
Oluwabusola Olagunju, Northeastern University
Oluwakunle Ogunsakin
Oluwatoyin Osuolale, University of New Hampshire
Olya Charyeva, KiberOne school of programming for children
Omolade Ola, Morgan State University
Omolara Olaiya, Auburn University
Onyediya Alli, Divine Offspring International School
Pablo Tirado Berroeta, Empresas ARIZTIA
Pamela Cerro, Transbank
Pamela Torres, WOM
Paola Caneo, Evoluer
Paraskumar Patel,
Patricia Erazo, Tuxpan
Patricio Da Silva Gillon, EY
Paula Carrasco, GIRO.CL
Paula Carrillo, Google
Paula Guerrero, Scotiabank
Paula Martinez, Google
Paulina Valenzuela, Cultural Hackers
Pavel Nazarychev, Copper Technologies (UK) Ltd.
Paz Cvjetkovic, BCI
Pilar Gómez, Universidad Católica del Norte
Pilar Abiuso, BCI
Pratiksha Agarwal, SAP
Pratima Mehta, EY
PRISCILA VEGA, Independant
Priyanka S Chauhan, Global Payments
Purity Bundi, Louisiana State University
Quinta Otieno, Egerton University
Rachel Muthoni Andriatsitohaina, EADC
Rafael Romero, Arcos Dorados de Venezuela
Rahul Goel, Salesforce
Raja Chattopadhyay, Capital One
Rashmi Shekar, EY
Rashmi Tyagi, STEAMedu Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Rebeca Góes, Icatu Seguros
Rebeca Muñoz Gutiérrez, INDITEX
Reinaldo Valbuena, Germinador
Rich Tovar, Agencia índigo
Richard Govada Joshua, Comprobase Inc
Rishabh Arora, Adobe
Robert Veiga, Universidad Metropolitana
Rocio Cardenas Rivera, NXP Semiconductors
Romanette Aguilera, Vinculatte SPA
Romina Celle, ATodas
Roshni Vachhani, EY
Roxana Valdes Alvarez, Transbank
Rubén Pulgar Abad, MongoDB
Ruchi Kumar, Ally
Ruth Ogunka, NGOs
Sabine Macaya, CleanTech Lithium
Sai Shashank Rasamalla, Walmart
Salome Oniani, Alte University
Sam Leong, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
Samuel Olawore, The Ohio State University
Sandra Ashraf, Celfocus
Sara Medina, KPMG
Satyam Gaba, Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Sayyora Rakhimova, Tashkent University of Information Technology
Sebastian Hormero, Coder Plus
Sergey Levschanov, TechStars
Sergio Yanes, Google
Shadadi Mutoni, Acculynx
Shambavi Sivaramakrishnan, Anheuser Busch In Bev Services
Sharon Joel, Null
Sharon Tanaya, EY
Sherry Postupak, TE Connectivity
Shola Folarin, University of South Florida
Shraddha Kulkarni, Facebook Inc.
Shruti Salunkhe, Best Buy
Shyam Sundar Mohan, The Hartford
Siddharth Parakh, Medable Inc
Silvana Pinto, Tuxpan
Sirish Gedela, EPAM
Smit Topiwala, S&S
Sofia Macedo, Celfocus
Sreenivasa Sunku, EY
Srijita Marick, University of Calgary
Stella Leh-Togi Zobeashia, National Biotechnology Research and Development Agency
Stella Li, BILL
Stephanie Fletcher, TEKSystems
Stephanie Omakwu, Spirax Sarco
Sudha Reddy, Rava AI
Sujata Basyal, Auburn University
Sulema Torres Ramos, Universidad de Guadalajara – CUCEI
Sumaiya Parvin Kaniz, Gettysburg College
Sunil Kamarajugadda, N/A
Swapna Nadakuditi, Florida Blue
Tabu Qureshi, Halliburty
Tamar Makharashvili, Teachers Lab
Tamara Díaz, ORION
Tammy Pustilnick Arditi, Corporación Descentralizadas
Temitayo Adesoga, Auburn University
Teneil Gayle, Salesforce
Thomas Opiyo Okumu, Heart to Action Organization
Tianyu Long, TD Securities
Toheeb EKUNDAYO, Event Network LLC
Trish Smith, IBM
Tushar Shah, EY
Uchechukwu Okonkwo, PPL Corporation
Ugieosa Akinola, Royal Dutch Shell Nigeria – previous employee
Valeria Bravo, Universidad de Concepción
Valeria Silva, Transbank
Vallen Nicholas, Kite Pharma, Gilead Sciences
Vania Navarro Sotomayor, H Ayuntamiento
Verónica Kunze, Banco Estado
Vijayasekhar Duvvur, 3i Infotech Inc
Vishakha Sadhwani, Google
Vivek Shah, Goldman Sachs
Vivek Shukla, TEKSystems
Wahab Badmus, Sam Houston State University
Wioletta Szeredi, EY
Ximena Valcarce, Consejo Regional Arica y Parinacota
Yanjie Niu, Amazon – AWS
Yelena Gareyeva, Institute for War and Peace Reporting
Yerin Hong, 압구정코딩컨설팅(Apgujeong Coding & Consulting)
Yerko Guerra, Urvan
YESSICA AGUILERA, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María
Yolande Athaide, N/A
Zhuoyue Wang, Oracle