Meet the Technovation Families Finalists and Regional Winners using AI to solve problems in their communities across 13 countries

Families and educators around the world made the second season of Technovation Families an enormous success! 250 family teams in 13 countries developed AI-powered products to make their communities better, ranging from fire safety tools inspired by the Amazonian fire, devices children can wear for protection against kidnapping, and tools to assist people with disabilities better access our world – and more. These families worked hard this season to learn the basics of AI and then apply what they learned to build their own tech solution to address a local problem.

Now, we get to share the top solutions from this season! Meet the 10 regional winners, representing our global community and the top use of AI for Social Good in their regions – as well as the 6 finalist teams who will go on to present their ideas at our global World Summit.

2020 Technovation Families Finalists

Technovation sponsors finalist teams and a mentor to participate in Technovation’s World Summit this August. At World Summit they will meet and exchange ideas with other Technovation finalists as well as meet representatives from top tech companies and compete for small education scholarships.

Senior Division Finalists 


Help2Hear  is an automated sign language interpreter for people with hearing disabilities.
How the AI works: A camera records the signs a person articulates. The AI tool recognizes a person’s hand movements, wrist, and handshapes as one of its benchmarked gesture images. The detected hand gesture is then translated into text.


Talk & Trust

Talk & Trust is an assistive technology for people with speech disorders.
How the AI works:  A microphone gathers sound data and the tool is trained to find patterns in how people with speech disabilities may say English and Arabic words and help them communicate with others.


My Ouch
United States

My Ouch is an app for monitoring a person’s health and pain levels.
How the AI works:  My Ouch has temperature, pulse and moisture sensors that gather data about a person’s health. The app is trained to use this data to predict the level of care a person may need and send alerts.


Junior Division Finalists



A10 is an assistive technology for people with visual impairments.
How the AI works: The prototype is trained to alert a person if they are about to take an incorrect medication using a recorded message. If a person does not take their medication in their specified window of time, an alert message is sent to their emergency contact.


Kuwait Birds Tracker

 Kuwait Birds Tracker helps protect local endangered bird species.
How the AI works: KBT invites people to take a picture of a bird with their phone. Then, KBT predicts what kind of bird they are looking at and suggests tips for keeping it safe, using vision-recognition tools.


Anti Child-Abduction App

Anti Child-Abduction App helps keep children safe from kidnapping.
How the AI works: Inspired by an event in their neighborhood, this family built a prototype that uses a child’s phone to collect data about different types of movement, GPS and previous location patterns to connect to an app that alerts parents when their child could be in danger.


2020 Technovation Families Regional Winners

We are proud to announce our 10 Technovation Families Regional Winners. These teams are recognized as the winners in their local regions, in both divisions. Regional Winners are recognized for their work and invited to participate in exclusive initiatives (like a personalized online mentoring session!).

Junior Division Regional Winners

Junior Regional Winner: Africa

CourseConnect helps students choose courses that are aligned with their interests and needs. Through a series of questions, the app takes into account factors such as the user’s hobbies and outside pressures.

Junior Regional Winner: Asia
Smart Driving Assistant

Smart Driving Assistant aids in safe driving. This small scale prototype recognizes unsafe driving conditions and reacts accordingly by reducing car speed, and adjusting trajectory.

Junior Regional Winner: Europe

Recyclator aims to improve recycling habits by alleviating confusion. This device uses a camera to analyze materials and flashes one of its 5 colored LED lights, indicating what category the recyclable material falls under.

Junior Regional Winner: North America
United States

Calmzilla is designed to help students alleviate their stress. Based on user input, the app suggests a number of stress relieving games based on predicted stress level and informs guardians of the student’s stress level.

Junior Regional Winner: South America
End The Flame

After experiencing the Amazonian fires of 2019, this family created End The Flame. The device is a smart camera that uses image recognition to analyze fires to quickly equip fire fighters with the best knowledge to combat the flames.


Senior Division Regional Winners

Senior Regional Winner: Africa
Tech Rescue

Inspired by local events, Tech Rescue is a device designed to curb incidences of kidnapping. This prototype model is wearable and capable of alerting emergency contacts if the user experiences changes in predicted geolocation.

Senior Regional Winner: Asia
The Trashnovator

The Trashnovator is an app designed to reduce irresponsibly disposed-of chemical waste. It targets industrial businesses and provides them with helpful information about how to dispose of their specific kind of chemical waste.

Senior Regional Winner: Europe
AI tool for Dysorthography
AI tool for Dysorthography detects patterns in misspellings that indicate signs of Dysorthography, a disorder of spelling. The device can analyze both text typed directly into the app and handwritten text via image recognition.

Senior Regional Winner: North America
Smart Waste Sorter
United States

The Smart Waste Sorter is a device that attaches to waste bins to help identify if the trash being disposed of is entering the proper bin. It educates the public and aids recycling centers that face large amounts of improperly disposed of materials.

Senior Regional Winner: South America
Protecting trees

To help fight deforestation, this family trained an AI model to help children recognize tree species and their endangered status. Protecting Trees educates people and builds a database with data gathered from a wide audience.