Edit, April 8, 2020: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Technovation World Summit will be held online. As a result, we have adjusted our award structure for the season. Learn more in our more recent post or on our award structure page.

We’re excited to announce Technovation has combined its global events – Technovation World Pitch and the AI World Championship – into a single event called the Technovation World Summit in 2020! This combined event will allow Technovation participants to connect with more teams from more places, and to strengthen the global Technovation community of leaders, problem solvers, and entrepreneurs of all ages.

Changes to finalist awards

Technovation Global Award Structure

In 2020, we will recognize a total of 16 finalists: 10 from Techovation Girls and 6 from Technovation Families.

Finalists for both programs will be selected from participating regions and within each division.

Edited April 8, 2020: Winning Teams and Prizes 

Due to moving the Technovation World Summit online in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, instead of investing in World Summit travel sponsorships and educational scholarships for two Grand Prize winning teams, we will award prizes to support the learning of as many of our stakeholders as possible. Technovation will retain the same number of finalist teams, but prizes will look a bit different this year.

Please keep in mind that our intention during this unprecedented time is to help continue the education of not only all our Grand Prize winners but our larger community as a whole.

Here are the updated prizes for different stakeholders:

  • Finalist Team members: Each team member will receive a $500 USD educational stipend (unrestricted, to be used to further the individual’s learning at their own discretion). Parent team members who participated in Technovation Families will receive this scholarship as well and can apply it to their own or their family’s learning. Previously, only Grand Prize teams were awarded monetary prizes.
  • Technovation Girls Mentors and Technovation Families Program Leaders of finalist teams: A $2,000 USD unrestricted educational stipend will be made in their honor as well as in their name to further Technovation learning in their region. Note that most locations have official Regional Ambassadors and/or partner organizations that funds will go to in support of future Technovation learning*. Previously, these stakeholders were not awarded monetary prizes.
  • Grand Prizes and the Social Impact and TechnologySpecial Recognitions will still be awarded, but a monetary prize will no longer be allocated.

*Technovation will work with Program Leaders and mentors to ensure this stipend is correctly allocated in their location.

*Please note that all Finalist Teams and Mentors/Program Leaders will now receive educational scholarships or stipends for their region made in their honor, so no additional monetary award will be given for the teams who are awarded the Grand Prizes or Special Recognitions.

Changes to regional awards

Technovation Regional Award Structure


In 2020, we will recognize a total of 20 regional winners – 10 Technovation Girls teams and 10 Technovation Families teams. We will recognize a junior and senior division winner from each program from each of the 5 regions. Those 5 regions are Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and Asia/Oceania. This will be the first year that regional winners will be recognized for Technovation Families.

Regional winners will be recognized with a special certificate and blog post on technovation.org.


Edited April 8, 2020: Why we’re updating our awards

We initially changed our awards at the start of the season to better align with our mission to empower girls and families to be leaders and problem solvers through the power of new technologies. We wanted to encourage and highlight the hard work of all girls and families solving difficult problems rather than the competitive element of winning and losing. The core of that intention holds true in light of the changes made due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

We can no longer provide the prize of a week-long trip to the United States to finalist teams, and so aim to help all members of all finalist teams continue their education, and to help their regions further support Technovation learning. Our intention during this unprecedented time is to help continue the education of not only our Grand Prize winners, but our larger community.