Code of

Technovation (formerly Iridescent) is an engineering and technology education nonprofit (registered US 501(c)3) organization. Our mission is to empower the world’s underrepresented young people, especially girls, through engineering and technology programs to become innovators and leaders. We develop and implement two programs:

  • Technovation Girls (formerly Technovation Challenge) – Technovation Girls is a technology entrepreneurship program for teams of girls ages 12-18. During this 12-week program, girls learn to brainstorm and research ideas, develop a business plan and pitch, and create a mobile application that addresses a local issue in their community.
  • Technovation Families (formerly Curiosity Machine) – Technovation Families is a hands-on engineering and AI curriculum for children and their families. Trained engineers and scientists develop and teach unique hands-on projects based on current research. Parents are engaged as learners alongside their children – a key ingredient for lasting impact not addressed by other STEM educational programs.

Technovation volunteers play a key role in our programs and may do some or all of the following:

  • Via mentorship, support the learning of children and/or families either in-person and/or online
  • Judge and provide feedback on project submissions from children and/or families in-person, online, and/or at regional pitch events
  • Provide extra support to participants and organizations implementing our programs (guest speaker, coaching, webinars, hosting or volunteering at events, etc)

As a volunteer, we ask that you contribute to creating a safe, secure environment for young people attending any Technovation programs. This includes:

  • Preparation to engage with participants
    • Complete a training that Technovation provides
    • Register as a volunteer or mentor with Technovation
  • Physical and emotional safety of participants
    • Meeting during appropriate times in the day or evening. If meeting with children individually, do so as openly as possible and inform another adult of the meeting.
  • Meeting in community and public spaces such as libraries, schools, or workplaces and following all safety procedures of the site.
    • Working to maintain a recommended ratio of one adult per ten children (1:10) at Technovation activities.
    • Treating all young people as individuals, equally and with respect, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic background.
    • Offering constructive, age-appropriate encouragement and feedback.
  • Communication
    • Discuss any uncertainties you have around child safeguarding with your region’s core volunteers or Technovation staff at any time.
    • If you wish communicate via email, we encourage you to  contact a participant’s guardians to get consent. Here is a template for you to send to parents. When possible, include parents in all communication with children.
    • Record any allegation a child makes of child abuse and follow reporting procedures of your local government. Don’t allow allegations a child makes to go without being recorded and addressed.

As a Technovation volunteer, the following actions are prohibited:

  • Communication
    • Do not use offensive or sexually suggestive physical/verbal language. Students should not be permitted to use this type of language either.
    • Do not send inappropriate messages to students in person or online. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to, asking for personal photos, commenting on appearances, etc.
    • Do not connect/”friend”/follow children on social media.
  • Physical and emotional safety of participants
    • Do not single out any child for unfair favoritism, criticism, ridicule, or unwelcome focus of attention.
    • Do not allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form.
    • Do not physically punish children.
    • Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during activities with participants.
Last Updated: September 2020