We are dedicated to providing a safe learning environment to children worldwide

We believe it is important to provide a safe educational environment where students can experiment and build their perseverance. Students can also practice being responsible digital citizens as they innovate and interact with others in an online world through out educational programs.

This is why, in addition to partnering with Common Sense Media Education  and working with Darkness to Light to provide safety training to our users, we have developed a set of resources, procedures, and guidelines for children, parents, volunteers, and educators.

The safety and development of youth at Technovation relies on our community of staff, parents, volunteers, educators, mentors, and students. Please help us maintain a safe and responsible learning environment.

Thank you for joining us in making our online and in-person educational programs safer. If you have any questions regarding these resources or need additional resources, please feel free to email [email protected]


Internet Safety


Child Safety