Technovation's 2021 Impact

Closing the STEM Gender Gap

A message from Tara Chklovski, CEO and Founder of Technovation

Dear Technovation Friends and Family!

This was the second year of COVID, in which so many of us experienced loss, isolation and suffering, and the impact continues. But what has fueled me, the Technovation team, and so many of us, has been the hope and optimism that the Technovation girls bring to this world. It is impossible to not feel a sense of joy and light when you hear about girls like Naira, Shahira and Amina developing an app to help children communicate better with their parents—because don’t we all need more peace and love today?!

Two years of COVID pushed us all into the red, but it has also shown us that we survived because of our incredible network of Chapter Ambassadors, Mentors, Student Ambassadors, parents, industry partners—and most of all because of indomitable girls and Alumnae around the world.

The highlight of last year for me was to personally connect with Alumnae from the past ten years and to hear how Technovation changed the course of their lives, developing within them the voices of  leaders. And this is what we bring into 2022—the excitement of helping our 150,000 Alumnae continue on their journey as technology leaders and innovators.

Finally, I want to say “thank you” to each of my Technovation team members and Board of Directors. You are my family, my pillar, my source of strength and inspiration. Together we are truly changing the world—empowering the leaders of tomorrow—leaders we would be proud to follow to a world where the planet and all people are thriving together.

In tremendous gratitude,

Our Impact

Technovation's Reach and Impact in 2021


Since 2006, Technovation has engaged 350,000 families, educators, and professionals from over 120 countries.

In 2021, we served 17,000 participants, including 5,800 girls who created 1,700 mobile apps for social good.

Technovation is committed to supporting girls in under-resourced communities. In 2021, 64% of participants represented countries with a human development index ranking below .8.

Local Impact

At the end of 2021 we looked into the impact of Technovation Girls across 29 regions.

We developed a series of digital impact cards to tell the story of Technovation girls, Ambassadors, and Mentors from around the world.

Read more & download the cards

Learning Gains

What Girls Learned in 2021

Technovation does more than teach girls how to code—we teach girls to be problem solvers and innovators, so that they can become leaders in whatever field they choose.

In 2021 girls reported developing skills related to coding, entrepreneurship, problem-solving and more.

Sustainable Development Goals

Problems Girls Chose to Solve

Technovation incorporates the United Nations General Assembly’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our curriculum. They are not a required part of the submission, but we encourage students to consider how their technology product might address one of the SDGs, and every year, girls show us what they can do.

In 2021, 32% of teams developed technology tools to address health-related problems, and 22% of all teams addressed environmental issues.

Read our full 2021 breakdown

Cutting-Edge Technology

AI for Good

Technovation has run AI programs for 5 years, teaching students and their families about the basics of artificial intelligence and how to apply AI technologies to solve community problems. Over the last 5 years, 22,500 participants created more than 1,000 AI-based prototypes solving real-world problems.

See examples of student projects

Technovation's Long-Term Impact


Technovation has 16 years of proven results that show we are closing the gender gap in STEM. Participating in Technovation Girls affects girls for years after they complete the program.

In a 10 year-look back survey, we found that Technovation Alumnae go on to pursue STEM careers or degrees at higher rates than the national average.


of Alumnae pursue a STEM degree
compared to 35% of female undergraduates who pursue STEM degrees overall


of Alumnae work in STEM-related jobs
compared to the US average of 27% of women in STEM-related fields


of Alumnae credit Technovation with influencing their career choice and sense of self-efficacy

Technovation Alumnae go on to inspire the world

Alumna spotlight

Joan's Story: Technovation in Mombasa

Joan is a Technovation Alumna who, after participating in Technovation Girls, decided to create an organization to help educate girls in her hometown. Since then, Pwani Teknowgalz has supported over 5,000 girls through educational programs—including Technovation Girls. 80% of these girls go on to pursue STEM careers, and become mentors in Technovation and other STEM programs.

In 2021 Technovation Alumnae spoke to the UN General Assembly and UNESCO, moderated panels with leaders in technology and AI, and more.

Michelle Muchilwa

Michelle Muchilwa (Kenya) moderating an AI panel discussion at Technovation’s International Day of the Girl event

Watch the panel

Mary Nasieku

Mary Nasieku (Kenya) speaking at UNESCO’s International Day of the Girl event

Watch the event

Unnathi Kumar

Unnathi Kumar (India) speaking at the UN General Assembly, Education and Technological Transformations for Human-centered recovery

Watch the event

Your Support


2021 Expenses

An Investment That Pays

In 2021, Technovation’s program costs around $170 per participant or $510 for a team of three. Sparking a girl’s interest in STEM can have a lifelong impact on her career and earning potential. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2020 the median income for STEM occupations is more than double that for non-STEM occupations. This is life-changing for the ~60% of our Alumnae who are in STEM careers today.


2021 Revenue

Thank you for Supporting Girls in STEM

We are so grateful to all of our partners, volunteers, and donors who have supported Technovation in 2021 and over the past 16 years. Technovation’s work would not be possible without you, and we hope that this report serves as a testament to the incredible impact that your support is having on girls around the world.


Funding Scholarships for Girls

In 2021, Technovation awarded $38,000 USD directly to winning teams. These funds are intended to help further fund girls' education in STEM and/or assist teams in bringing their product to market.

In addition to the Finalist scholarships, Technovation was proud to award special awards through the support of our corporate partners.


The Climate Award recognized Team Agricultured for their app that addresses air quality, sustainable agriculture practices, and crop diseases all at once.

The AI award recognized Team Pocketfires who build an AI-powered app that helps their local community predict and prepare for wildfire season.

The COVID Economic Recovery Award recognized Team Aiuto Solutions who build an app to help micro charities connect and communicate with their donor base, developed in response to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Guide Star and Charity Navigator Rated

Thank you to our partners, supporters, and funders.—STEMNext.png

Help us support more girls in 2022 and beyond

Reach out to start a conversation about how your company can support Technovation Girls around the world

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…and of course Technovation wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of thousands of volunteers around the world

Volunteers are essential to Technovation and have become the heart of the global Technovation community.  Volunteers offer support to girls around the world in a variety of ways, and this personalized support can make all the difference—98% teams that successfully completed the program in 2021 had a mentor.

The experience affects volunteers too:

  • 98% of industry volunteers reported an increased sense of purpose
  • 99% of mentors say they use Technovation skills at work
  • 96% of mentors would recommend this program to a colleague


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