“Working with our community has changed my life.”

-Judy Ahumada, Director of Programs, Technovation

The people who make up the Technovation community—girls, mentors, judges, student ambassadors and chapter ambassadors—are powerful. Having the chance to meet them and hear about their work, challenges, and breakthroughs creates an immense feeling of gratitude and humility. This is a community of people who want to make the world a better place, not just for themselves, but for their communities and world beyond. They put countless hours toward realizing their visions, many working against incredible challenges including lack of access to stable internet infrastructure and devices, language barriers, opposing societal and political pressures, and more.

It is deeply humbling to know that such people exist. The stories these incredible individuals share develops an understanding of and hope in humanity.

Clockwise from top left: A student and mentor from Mexico, A mentor with her team from India, A mentor and her team from Western Kenya, A group of mentors and ambassadors from Catalonia

Technovation is more than a curriculum, more than a mentorship program, and more than a solution to a problem. Technovation is people. Super-people. It is a community driven by compassion and love for the dream of a bright future for girls (and everyone else) everywhere.

Sharing the work and stories of our community has been a big topic within Technovation for the past several months. If the world knew of the incredible work being done by our community, we could inspire so many more to join us. Girls have huge potential and power to make positive change in the world, but they need people to support and believe in them.

The world needs girls. Girls need champions.

We hope the stories from our community will impact you the same way they do us—to have hope for a beautiful future, and to support the people in your life and in the larger world who are working toward that future. This is Technovation.

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