Lead Technovation’s STEM programs in your community

As technology changes our world, who is changing technology?

Put today’s tech in the hands of girls, children, and their families and ask them what problems they want to solve. Get everyone involved in the conversation with the tools that are shaping our shared future.

Run our Technovation programs as a Community Partner.

Community partners commit to dedicating 20-60 hours over a 5-6 month program season.


Be a Chapter Ambassador

Ready to lead the program with a lot of girls in your community? Does your organization work with many girls, or in several locations? Consider becoming a Chapter Ambassador!

Chapter Ambassadors spend 5 or more hours per week on Ambassador duties during the 5-6 month program, and support 7+ teams (a team can have between 1-5 girls). Time is spent recruiting program participants, industry mentors, organizing launch and/or celebration events, and organizing regular meetings to work through the curriculum.

Technovation provides training, program curriculum, mentor recruitment support, marketing collateral, and mini-grant opportunities. You do not need to work in a technology field to be a Chapter Ambassador.

Chapter Ambassador applications are currently closed, but you can fill out our interest form for next year.

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Be a Club Ambassador

Help girls in your community learn and create solutions to real problems using technology. This is a great opportunity to pilot Technovation Girls in your community, or if you have an existing group of interested students looking for a new project.

Club Ambassadors spend at least 10 hours a month on Technovation Girls responsibilities during the 5-6 month program and support at least 5 teams (a team can have between 1-5 girls). Club Ambassador responsibilities can be shared between multiple people per organization.

Technovation provides training, program curriculum, support, and marketing materials.

Club Ambassador applications are currently open. Fill out the interest form below and we'll be in touch.

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Be a mentor

This is a great opportunity if you want to get started with Technovation Girls. Work with 1-2 teams based at one site and commit 50 hours over 6 months.

You don't need experience in tech—we support you with training and materials.

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There are other ways to support Technovation

If you aren’t ready to lead our programs in your community, or don’t have 20+ hours to volunteer, we still want to work with you! There are plenty of ways you can support and encourage local students and families as they learn, play, and build.

Volunteer to mentor through your employer

Work with a colleague to guide girls as they use technology to solve problems like bullying, elder neglect, and climate change.

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Judge project submissions

Evaluate the projects girls and families in your community are building to solve big problems.

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