UK high school students Grace, Dilani, Hafsa & Durotimi built Ecolio, a tool to educate young people about climate change – and teach them how to decrease their own carbon footprints and impact on the environment.

Focusing on young children and providing interactive games to guide them through lessons about climate change, these girls tackled the question of how to make climate change tangible to young people – a vitally important issue as 178 million people are at risk of suffering from water shortages if the world warms 1.5 degrees celsius. As the conversation around climate change intensifies, access to educational resources lags, particularly for children. Ecolio fills the gap.

While we discuss how to best educate and adequately prepare children for the effects of climate change, these 4 young women saw a gap in their education and took a decisive step to address it. Grace, Dilani, Hafsa & Durotimi inspire us by stepping in to address a problem with the tools at hand when other systems remain slow. In the two years since they built Ecolio, the conversation around climate change and how to prepare for its current and future effects – and mitigate them – has changed and more young people are raising their voices to protect their own futures.

What problem will you fight?

Big problems like climate change, and domestic abuse, can feel enormous and impossible to solve – but we’re inspired by Grace, Dilani, Hafsa and Durotimi and the way they stepped up where they could. Where can you step up and start solving a piece of a bigger problem? Solving global problems starts in your community – join Technovation Families or Technovation Girls to learn about tools and technology that you can start using today to solve the problems you care about most.

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