Submissions closed for the 2020 Technovation Girls season last month, and while the next few months hold lots to look forward to, we want to take a minute to tell you how proud we are of all of you. You have so much to celebrate in yourselves.

We’re incredibly grateful that you are part of the Technovation community, and that you exemplify a global commitment to building a better world.

We are so proud of every single person who signed up to participate, whether you finished a project this year or had to put it on hold. We’re especially proud of the way you stand up for what you believe in and how hard you work to improve your communities. We want to share a little bit about what that hard work looks like, and why it kindles our collective hope and resolve to dream of – and actively create – a future that looks very different from our present.

This year, in the face of unprecedented challenges, nearly 6,500 girls and families developed almost 1,800 tech-based solutions to community problems. You represent 63 countries using technology for social good. Your projects address problems that range from misinformation about the novel coronavirus to communication difficulties faced by people with visual and hearing impairments, to children’s safety leaving school–and so much more.

A map of the world showing 2020 Technovation Submissions. The map is dark blue with yellow pins, each pin indicating a country where at least one team created technology for social good.

Check out the 63 countries where Technovation Girls and Families teams created mobile and AI-powered tools to solve community problems this year!

You astonished us with your ideas to use technology for social good.  Your apps align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for a better, fairer world – nearly 40% of you built tech tools that address health problems and nearly 15% of you created technology that helps the environment. You created 84 technology tools to bring peace, and 150 tools to help the global fight for equality. All of you built technology that helps your communities.

A resilient community

This year you rose above and beyond, persevering through a global health crisis and showing us all what it means to be resilient. You mastered Google hangouts and Zoom calls to continue your team meetings, and transformed WhatsApp chats into business meetings. You tapped into your creativity and found ways to make pitch videos when you couldn’t stand next to one another.

You looked out for each other – making yourselves flexible to accommodate uncertain schedules, stepping in to support each other and share workloads.

We heard from mentors in two separate countries supporting students in a third, and from a team of 5 girls working across four countries. We heard that students were taking photos of Technovation emails to send via group chat to team members who didn’t have access to email.

You amaze us – and we know you’ll amaze the world in the months and years to come.

We’ll share more details about the socially-minded technology you built this season over the next few months. And, we’ll announce Technovation Girls semifinalists in June, and then finalists and regional winners in July (we already told you about the incredible Technovation Families finalists and regional winners!).

We know those announcements bring excitement and disappointment.

Regardless of the results of the competition, you should all be incredibly proud, just as we are, of what each of you has accomplished this season and the incredible ways you’ve solved very difficult problems.

Your visions for cleaner, safer, more just communities are not diminished if you do not advance to semifinals or finals. Your commitment and resolve do not mean less; you are not less impressive, you do not inspire us or your family any less. Be proud of how far you have come this year, and how far you still can go.

We want to recognize all of you. That’s part of why we are so glad to be hosting World Summit online this year. 

For the first time, the entire Technovation community has the opportunity to join the Technovation World Summit experience. This year it will be a two-day online event, with workshops from technology experts, break-out sessions, presentations from finalists and maybe even some dancing. Now, more than ever, we think we need to celebrate the things and people that bring us joy and that give us hope. For us, that’s you.

We hope you’ll join us August 13th and 14th for World Summit and we hope you keep telling us your stories of this season, your plans for the future, and what problems you’re focused on solving.

Congratulations, Technovation 2020!

Scroll on for a snapshot of what submission looked like this year for teams around the world as they committed to building technology for social good.

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