The 2022 Technovation Girls season is kicking off! We cannot wait to learn more about the problems girls around the world choose to solve this year, or to see everyone’s innovative solutions. This year we are also very excited to share a new video series that spotlights teams of girls from different countries as they go through the Technovation Girls program.

New episodes will be released regularly between now and April 2022, and will be aligned to Technovation Girls milestones (so there are episodes on team building, ideation, prototyping and so on). We hope that hearing directly from Technovation Girls teams and mentors will encourage and uplift this year’s participants and remind you that even though this program can be challenging, you do not have to overcome those challenges on your own—there are a lot of other people who have done what you’re doing and have felt what you’re feeling and are ready to help you.

Stay tuned to our YouTube channel, or visit the landing page for regular updates from the featured teams. And don’t forget—we’re offering live online classes again this year if you’re looking for additional real-time support. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time (registration closes on March 25, 2022)! Sign up today and show the world what girls are capable of accomplishing.

Episode 1: Meet the Girls & Mentors and Start your journey

Last year teams in Ireland, India, Kenya, Spain, Canada, and Mexico shared their real-time experiences of participating in Technovation Girls. Follow along on their journeys and learn what it’s really like to participate in Technovation Girls—from the high points to low moments and everything in between.

If you’re starting your own Technovation Girls journey, this is a great chance to hear what other girls were thinking and feeling when they were in your shoes last year. Learn more about their range of experiences with coding and entrepreneurship, what made them anxious, what they were most excited to learn and build, and how they planned to stay motivated even when learning from home, or without access to technology and resources.

We hope that hearing directly from girls (and mentors!) around the world will encourage you and remind you that you’re not alone, and that there are a lot of people ready to help guide you and cheer you on.

Start your own Technovation Journey 

It’s shaping up to be an exciting season! Younger girls (starting at age 8) can participate in our new Beginner Division, teams can submit either a mobile app prototype or an AI-powered prototype, and we have more resources in our curriculum about AI. (This post has a LOT more detail!)

We are also proud to continue to spotlight solutions focused on climate change—supported by HSBC, Technovation will award a special climate prize to a team tackling issues related to climate change in innovative and impactful ways. Technovation is also proud to continue to participate in UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition in 2022.

We hope you’ll join us this year and show us how girls are changing the world with technology.