Wondering what it’s actually like to go through the Technovation Girls program? Follow six teams from around the world and find out!

Join teams of girls from six countries as they participate in Technovation Girls. Over the course of this video series you’ll follow along with six different teams of girls as they go from building their team to building their apps.

These video diaries are a great preview for those interested in joining the program and wondering what to expect, and a friendly guide for those going through the program right now. Over 8 episodes, watch Technovation Girls teams from  Ireland, India, Kenya, Spain, Canada, Mexico through their Technovation journey.

Follow along to learn what these girls experienced during Technovation, how they overcame challenges, and what advice they have for girls getting started on their own coding and entrepreneurship journeys.

Episode 1: The Journey Begins!

The first episode is here! Learn how the six teams felt when they first joined Technovation Girls last year. Find out how they overcame tech issues, fear of not being good enough, nervousness—and more.

Episode 2: Teambuilding

In the second episode, the teams share their experiences and advice for building a team, including how they found their teammates, why they decided to work together or alone, and how they adjusted to meeting remotely. Mentors also share their experiences and tips for connecting with students and helping students connect with each other.

Episode 3: Ideation

In the third episode of Technovation Girls Video Diaries, we hear from the teams about how they came up with their ideas. The girls share how they figured out what problem they wanted to solve and why it matters, and the mentors share how they supported their teams through a very tricky part of the creative process.

Episode 4: Paper Prototypes

In the fourth episode of Technovation Girls Video Diaries, we learn about the paper prototyping process. Before starting to code their projects, teams make paper versions of their apps, which help them agree on what screens they need and how they want users to move through their app. Doing this creates a map they can follow when they’re ready to start coding.

Episode 5: Feedback

In the fifth episode of Technovation Girls Video Diaries, we learn about collecting and reviewing user feedback on your project. Teams share how they connected with users to learn what they thought about their tech products, and how they incorporated that feedback

Episode 6: Coding

In the sixth episode of Technovation Girls Video Diaries, learn about the process of coding an app. Teams share their experiences coding their mobile app prototypes, including the parts that were hard for them and how they overcame those challenges.

Student and Mentor registration closed on March 25.

Episode 7: The Pitch

In the seventh episode, teams share how they prepared and delivered the big pitch for their mobile app based businesses, and share tips for current teams!

Episode 8: Hit Submit

In the eighth (and final) episode of the Technovation video diaries, teams reflect on everything they’ve learned and accomplished in building their apps or AI solutions. Teams also share what’s next for them, and the lessons they’ll take with them beyond the program.

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