Learn about artificial intelligence, and how to use AI to make positive change in the world

Together with Hogan Lovells, we’ve created a toolkit to help you learn about (and build!) ethical AI. Designed for educators and parents, this guide will help you lead conversations about AI, including:

  • What AI is, and where it’s used
  • How to assess new technologies for unintended consequences
  • What ethics are and why they’re so important to consider for AI

Sneak Peek:

Ethical AI Decision Tree

Download the guide for a decision tree that walks you through key questions to evaluate how potentially harmful a piece of technology might be.


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Guiding questions to create responsible, ethical AI for good

Learn about artificial intelligence, ethics, and how to evaluate technology you use (or build!) for potential negative consequences. Use our decision tree and guiding questions to evaluate the potential effects of technology and AI tools.

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