Strategic Plan:

Technovation’s plan to engage and empower 25 million girls with the skills of the future by 2037 will unfold across 3 Horizons. Each Horizon has a different focus and strategy.

Horizon 1


Horizon 1: Expansion and Investment

During Horizon 1 we will develop relationships with community partners (NGOs and community-based organizations) to reach more students and teachers while also developing relationships with corporate partners to engage employees and support the program financially as well as through sharing expertise.

We will also work with new and existing funders to invest in the Technovation Girls model so we can:

  • Support Chapters and community partners running the program on the ground
  • Invest in Technovation’s technology to improve efficiency and user experience
  • Build Technovation’s brand to reach more girls

We will also engage experts to expand the Technovation Girls’ curriculum to include more technical support, particularly around AI, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Leveraging technology to direct human, social, and financial capital to communities that need it

reach 141,700 girls and young women

Funding needed

Horizon 2

Training the trainers, developing better curriculum to drive greater innovation, and suggesting better ways of measuring empowerment

reach 756,000 girls
Funding needed


Horizon 2: Curriculum, Training and Thought Leadership

During Horizon 2, we will develop training for educators and mentors to better support them as they run the program and support teams. These trainings will feature some of the best Technovation educators teaching different parts of the curriculum (and will be available in multiple languages with local examples).
We will also continue to expand the curriculum, focusing on ideation, problem selection, and better coding tutorials. We also hope to offer the curriculum in more translations and to improve the UI of each lesson.

We will continue to expand and deepen relationships with community partners including clubs and universities, improving trainings, resources, and processes based on feedback from our Horizon 1 expansion.

We will also develop and expand relationships with corporate partners, to continue to connect girls around the world to resources and technology. Engaging Technovation Girls alumnae working at these corporate partners to return as mentors will also be a key strategy.

A core action in Horizon 2 will be expanded thought leadership. We need better ways of measuring girls and women’s empowerment. We’ll need to build a coalition of funders, partners, and other organizations to make this argument.

Women’s empowerment is currently measured by how many women own mobile phones (SDG indicator 5.B.1). And students’ digital skills are measured by the number who are able to use presentation software. These goals are too weak to get us to where we need to be.

We need to rethink how we educate and empower girls worldwide, moving beyond basic literacy or phone ownership. We need to measure success by the number of women who are actually developing technology, leading innovation in their communities, and driving progress.

Horizon 3


Horizon 3: Nurturing the world’s largest ecosystem of female technology entrepreneurs and investors

Horizon 3 is our longest Horizon, with our largest funding and reach targets. We will build on what we have learned from Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 to accelerate the expansion of our network into an ecosystem and retain chapters and volunteers.

We will deepen the support we offer to Technovation Chapters and Clubs who run the program on the ground. Our goals will be to optimize funding, impact reporting/storytelling, quality, and localization while preventing burnout of local volunteers.

We will also focus on connecting thousands of innovative, young female technology leaders to the workforce, especially the technology industry. Additionally, we will build a technology platform where Technovation alumnae can invest in Technovation startups. This will be supported by our continued investment in and growth of the Technovation Alumnae community, which will include nearly 21 million young women by this point.

We will prepare for the next powerful technology to introduce in the curriculum. We will explore upcoming cutting edge technologies to determine which ones would be valuable to introduce to the students. It takes 5-7 years to develop engaging curriculum and training materials that then last for a decade or so. For example, we adopted the mobile-app curriculum in 2010; and started piloting AI curriculum in 2016—5 years ahead of when each became mainstream.

Connecting women investors to women innovators building powerful solution-oriented technology

reach 25 million girls
Funding needed

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