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Educating and empowering girls strengthens climate strategies

  • Girls with leadership opportunities go on to create positive environmental outcomes for their communities.
  • Girls with STEM education have the opportunity to participate in green jobs and transform economic systems
  • When girls have greater social and political status, their communities have lower climate footprints

Source: Brookings Institute, 2021 

Closing the digital divide takes on new urgency as climate change worsens, creating new vulnerabilities for women and girls. As long as they remain excluded from opportunities and solutions, the consequences will be devastating.

Technovation Girls and their Climate Impact

By supporting Technovation Girls you support a more sustainable future for humanity and the planet.

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5 Reasons Girls and Women are the Future of Green Innovation

Girls empowered with tech education and skills are the future of green innovation. 

Read more about how Technovation is working with partners like Patrick J. McGovern Foundation to support girls’ technology education and develop powerful climate-focused resources in our article published with the World Economic Forum. We share 5 interventions that can help leaders champion girls and women grow their potential to build a sustainable future.

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A snapshot of the article about girls and women and climate published on the World Economic Forum website by Technovation and Patrick J McGovern Foundation

Technovation Girls Curriculum

Youth, Climate, and AI

In 2023 and 2024, Technovation released additional curriculum units to support teams interested in developing climate-focused projects. These units include a technical tutorial to support students in using climate-related data in their projects.

We are particularly proud to have developed these units in partnership with Technovation alumnae, who were mentored by Natalie Lao at the App Inventor foundation, Dave Wolber from Thunkable, and Mark Friedman, the cofounder of MIT App Inventor.

An emphasis on artificial intelligence

Technovation’s curriculum also empowers girls to get familiar with satellite data, global and national data sets, and then to layer on on-the-ground information through mobile phones and low-cost sensors. We do this because we know that AI holds incredible promise…and that girls do too.

Linked In Live Event: April 22, 1:00PM ET / 10:00AM PT

Her Innovation, Our Future: Leading the Green Charge

Join us for a dynamic LinkedIn Live panel featuring three incredible Technovation Alumnae and moderated by Malia Bachesta Eley, Sr. Philanthropy Manager, Salesforce.

Hear from alumnae Winnie Msamba, Giovanna RC, and Michelle Muchilwa about their experiences developing climate related apps with Technovation, and what they are currently working on as sustainability champions.

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