Calling all girls, mentors, judges, ambassadors, parents, and volunteers who participated in Technovation Girls this year! Join us online on August 12, 2022 for World Summit and celebrate everything you’ve learned and built this year. 

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The world is facing a lot of immense and complicated problems—but working together, we can create real change.

No one knows this better than the Technovation community. Every year, thousands of girls, parents, educators, and volunteers show us what collaborative community change looks like. Now, we’re taking time to celebrate that collective impact.

Join us on Friday August 12, for Technovation’s 2022 World Summit. A virtual event for the Technovation Girls community, the 2022 World Summit will celebrate the accomplishments of every single Technovation Girls team and the incredible volunteers who helped them along the way.

We’ll have inspiring speakers, a panel discussion, and a workshop to help girls continue their projects, but the main focus will be the 2022 Technovation Girls community—mentors, judges, and ambassadors, that includes you too!

Register to celebrate the impact of thousands of girls, mentors, judges, and supporters coming together to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

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Who should attend World Summit? 

While anyone is welcome, this years’ World Summit is designed specifically for the girls, mentors, ambassadors, parents and judges who participated this season. This event is a celebration of their hard work over the last few months.