Can you spare a few hours to support girls in STEM? Technovation is recruiting volunteer judges to provide feedback to thousands of girls around the world. As a judge, you’ll commit to giving 3 hours to review Technovation Girls submissions over 8 weeks. In previous years, girls have built apps to redistribute household chores more equitably among daughters and sons, apps to help girls get home from school safely, apps to test water quality and so much more. As a 2022 Technovation Girls judge, you’ll get to learn how girls today want to tackle pressing problems, and chances are, you’ll end your volunteer experience feeling inspired and hopeful.

But don’t just take it from us—here is a what a few of our friends at Intel had to say about volunteering as virtual judges with Technovation last year:

“It was so incredible to see the brilliant ideas for apps and business plans that these girls came up with to better their communities and the world, from mental health/emotions management apps to tutoring and mentoring apps and environmental apps. It was such a rewarding experience; I would recommend volunteering. It is wonderful being able to support these girls in STEM and you can judge at your own time.”

-Abigail, Volunteer Judge from Intel

“I am totally blown away by the creativity of the projects and the awareness of community needs that were demonstrated by these marvelous young girls. I strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone who is interested in social justice, community growth, and of course, educating the next generation. It doesn’t take long to be a judge and you can do it at your own speed.”

-Yuna, volunteer Judge from Intel

Volunteer as a Judge


Q & A about Volunteering as a Judge with Technovation

Who Can Volunteer as a Virtual Judge?

We’re looking for educators and professionals of all backgrounds to volunteer as virtual judges. Judges can be from all over the world, but must be over 18 and fluent in English. Having knowledge of coding or AI is a plus, but not required. You don’t need to work at a tech company to be a Judge!

What Do Judges Do?

Technovation girls around the world identify a problem in their community and develop a solution using technology such as coding or AI. Each team then creates a 3-4 minute video pitching their idea and a 2-minute demo video of their app or AI project. Judges view, score, and provide feedback on these pitch and demo videos. As a Judge, you’ll be looking at submissions from girls in different countries, giving you global insight into girls’ innovation. The scores you give help us determine the Regional Winners and Finalists.

Where Do I Volunteer? 

This is a completely virtual volunteer opportunity, so you can volunteer from the comfort of your own computer.

When Does Judging Take Place?

Judging opens on May 2nd and runs through June 23rd. Volunteers can login to our platform and view the pitch and demo videos on their own time. We estimate it takes about 30 minutes to review one team’s submission. We ask that volunteers commit to at least three hours of volunteering, including viewing a 30-minute recorded training and scoring a minimum of 5 submissions. These 3 hours can conveniently be spread out over the entire judging window and if a volunteer wants to score more than 5 submissions, we happily invite them to do so!

Why Should I Volunteer?

This is a fulfilling volunteer opportunity to provide meaningful feedback to girls around the world who are developing creative tech solutions to problems in their communities. You will be inspired by the innovative solutions the girls have developed, and your encouragement and constructive feedback will motivate the girls and give them the spark they need to continue exploring STEM.

How Do I Sign Up?

Learn more and register here! Once you’re registered you’ll complete the training…and then be ready to judge, so get ready to be inspired!