Technovation will now run one program: Technovation Girls

We are expanding the Technovation Girls program to include younger learners and to better support parents to participate as mentors. We will no longer be running the Technovation Families program (but the curriculum and design challenges are still available for free). Technovation Girls will be expanding in the following ways:

New division for younger students—the Beginner Division

The Beginner Division is open to girls ages 8-12. The new Technovation Girls division structure will be:

  • Beginner Division: ages 8-12
  • Junior Division: ages 13-15
  • Senior Division: ages 16-18

Important Note: Teams will be judged based on the age of the oldest girl on the team. This means that if a 13 year-old girl joins a team of 12 year-old girls, that team will be judged in the Junior Division. 

New technology option

Girls around the world will still be learning to create technology to solve community problems, but beginning this year teams in all Technovation Girls divisions can now choose to develop a project that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technologyOR to develop a mobile app prototype.

Expanded Curriculum

We are expanding our curriculum to provide more support for students building AI projects. These units will include information on

  • artificial intelligence
  • data sets
  • hardware
  • other resources for building with AI

More details, including the updated curriculum will be released in late 2021. The curriculum for Junior and Senior divisions is available now at Submission guidelines will be updated by October. 

Registration will open later 

Registration will open in early December 2021, and close in late March.

  • Curriculum for Junior and Senior Divisions will remain available year-round, so students can start working on their projects early, and then register in December.

We will share a full season calendar in October. You can sign up to receive an email notification when registration opens

Though Technovation will no longer run Technovation Families, parents are still vitally important to our programs 

Moving to a one-program model and expanding Technovation Girls allows for plenty of ways for families to learn and build together!

  • Parents can support Technovation Girls teams as mentors in any Technovation Girls division.
  • All of our design challenges, including the Technovation Families curriculum will remain available for free at
  • Boys are not eligible to submit to the Technovation Girls program, but can use the curriculum and other learning materials to learn about coding and business.

“Running only one program means we can focus on making that program the best it can be. That means better support for volunteers and participants, more thorough curriculum, and empowering more girls to become problem solvers and community leaders.” 

– Rebecca Anderson, Senior Program Director at Technovation

We’ll be sharing more information in October, and will help you make this transition as smoothly as possible (or make sure you get started as easily as possible). Sign up for our newsletter for more information, or follow us on twitter, instagram, or facebook.