Iridescent is changing its name to Technovation.

Today, we are thrilled to announce to the girls and families who participate in our programs, as well as the mentors, educators, ambassadors, and partners supporting them around the world, that Iridescent has changed its name to Technovation. 

Through this transition we are also unveiling a new look and updating our program names to better reflect the inspiring girls and families they empower. 

While our name and look are changing, our mission continues to focus on connecting people – regardless of social and economic divides – and inspire them to be leaders and creative problem-solvers. 

And, what makes our programs exciting and empowering for girls and families –  learning about and creating mobile apps and AI prototypes to tackle real problems that matter to them – is not changing!

Our impact wouldn’t be possible without the help of educators, mentors, ambassadors, and corporate partners who passionately support us. Together, we’re uniting and inspiring youth and adults – 130,000+ across communities that span cities, countries, cultures and industries – to be Technovation.

We’ve updated our icon, colors, and typeface to better express the wonder and empowerment girls and families around the world feel as they learn and grow into more confident and creative problem-solvers. 

Technovation Logo banner
You’ll see our new icon – and versions of it customized by program leaders around the world – in social media.

Technovation social media icon
Our new icon evokes a central point from which wonder and excitement in the learning and ideation process begins and expands to include communities. The pairing wordmark is modern, yet reflects the joy and energy youth and adults feel when participating in our programs. 

Whether you are a girl or family excited to learn and put cutting-edge technologies to use for social good, or want to support someone who is, together we can lead, make a difference, and change the future. 


Thank you for being on this journey with us and for embracing what it means to be Technovation.