October 11, 2023

Technovation Girls are making waves around the world. Girls ages 8-18 work in teams to develop technology-based solutions to real-world problems they’re facing in their communities. Supported by adult volunteers and mentors, girls code mobile apps, train AI models, and learn how to use cutting-edge technologies to expand their impact. When one girl stands up to solve a problem, she creates a ripple effect that converges into a powerful wave of change. When thousands of girls stand up to create a better world, that wave of change becomes unstoppable.

What will your wave of change be?

Registration for the 2023-2024 Season of Technovation Girls opens today. 

Starting today, girls around the world can sign up for the free Technovation Girls program and learn the basics of coding, AI, marketing, entrepreneurship, and so much more. Between October 2023 and April 2024 girls will work in teams to identify a problem they want to solve and develop an innovative solution to that problem. As a Technovation Girl participant you will…

  • Work with a team of other girls (in your community or in a country across the world—it’s up to you), as well as an adult mentor who will support you throughout the program
  • Choose a problem in your community that you care about and brainstorm ways to solve it using a mobile app or AI-powered tool
  • Learn the basics of coding and AI and build a prototype of that app or AI tool, test it with potential users, and incorporate their feedback to improve your product
  • Develop the business skills you’ll need to take your app to market

At the end of the season in April, you’ll submit your project to the global Technovation Girls competition and receive constructive feedback from volunteer judges.

Learn more and sign up today! 

Adult volunteers, you’re making waves too. 

Volunteers are the power behind Technovation Girls. If you’re over the age of 18, and want to support girls as they learn technical skills, professional skills, and develop into leaders, join Technovation girls as a volunteer mentor. 

Between October and April, as a mentor, you’ll support a team of girls through the Technovation Girls program. You do not need to work in a technical field to be a mentor—you just have to be willing to say “I don’t know, let’s find an answer together” when encountering a technical issue. We offer a mentor curriculum that aligns to the curriculum the girls work through to help you organize your working sessions with your team.

You’ll help girls most by believing in them, encouraging them, and helping them with skills like project and time management. You can work with a team local to you, or be matched with a team from another region. And you don’t have to mentor alone—find a friend or coworker or two to split the work with you as co-mentors!

Learn more and sign up. 

Waves of change are sweeping across the world, as girls step into their power as innovators and leaders. You can join them. 


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