New board members’ wide-ranging experience with online learning, online gaming, artificial intelligence and international collaboration will strengthen Technovation’s development of online STEM learning programs for girls and families.

Technovation is proud to welcome Alicia Hammond, Mukal Aggarwal, Sana Kharegani, Lisa Tenorio and Jessica Kung to our board of directors. Technovation’s board of directors offers a wide range of experience and perspectives that help guide and support the organization as we develop our free AI and technology entrepreneurship programs.

At a moment when much remains uncertain, Technovation is grateful for the engagement and support of the Board. With new members who have extensive experience in international collaboration, online learning, online gaming, STEM education, and artificial intelligence, we are confident that we will continue to develop our programs to improve the quality and impact of online STEM education. Together we will spark young people’s curiosity, make sure their voices are heard, and prepare them – and their communities – for the future of work.

Extend a warm welcome to the newest members of Technovation’s board!

Alicia Hammond, Gender Specialist at the World Bank Group

Alicia Hammond is a Gender Specialist at the World Bank Group, where she leads on innovation and technology for the Gender Group. She conducts research on women and girls in STEM and advises on the design of innovative projects focused on enhancing digital skills and facilitating women’s economic opportunities through technology. Alicia joined the WBG from the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School. She has also worked with UNICEF, UN Foundation, and UN Women on many gender equality topics, such as education, innovation, and data. Prior to that, she worked on social development, gender equality, and human rights programs in her home country, Jamaica.

Why are you excited to work with Technovation? What do you hope we can accomplish together? 

I’m excited to work with Technovation because of its real-world impact for thousands of girls around the world. The holistic approach – engaging local mentors, families, role models, teachers – mobilizes the community to show girls that they are capable and powerful leaders who can develop their own audacious solutions to local challenges.

What excites you about technology? What worries you? 

I appreciate the democratizing power of technology — helping to better connect people to information, knowledge, networks, elected leaders and job opportunities, to name a few. The pandemic has made the importance of access abundantly clear. At the same time, I worry about inequality in access and how COVID-19 is deepening the chasms. I also worry about other issues related to disinformation, online violence and privacy.

Is there something new you’re challenging yourself to learn this year?

Yes! I’ve been studying interior design at Parsons. I left Jamaica at 16 to attend boarding school in New Hampshire and I’ve moved around quite a bit since. I’ve found that intentionally designing and organizing my space, no matter where it is, helps me feel really grounded. I spend a lot of time reading research articles so it’s a nice contrast to focus on something visual and tangible.

Mukul Aggarwal, Corporate Strategy Consultant at Cargill

Mukul Aggarwal is a Corporate Strategy Consultant at Cargill, where he partners with a variety of Cargill businesses in Food and Agriculture to help sustainably feed the rising global population, given changing diets and changing climate. His work involves identifying market opportunities and helping set the strategic direction for the corporation. Prior to Cargill, Mukul spent four years in the automotive industry at Cummins Inc., across three verticals: product design, product development and process improvement. Passionate about fostering STEM education, he co-founded the Technovation Families program at Cummins, helping train 125+ employees to mentor ~750 elementary students over ~3000 engineering projects. Technovation is delighted to continue working with Mukul in this new role.

Why are you excited to work with Technovation? What do you hope we can accomplish together? 

Nothing about where I am today was preplanned. Life was supposed to look a lot different. It was the relentless pursuit of a STEM education that changed my reality. Education ignited my curiosity and made me believe that anything was possible if it followed the laws of science. Long ago, I taught underserved children mathematics in India. When I saw the sparkle in their eyes and their curious questions, I knew that education has the power to make life purposeful. Leading and mentoring 3rd through 6th graders via the Technovation Families program at Cummins Inc. allowed me to scale that impact and bring STEM into the homes and hands of young kids. Their curiosity further fueled my passion for STEM education. This mission alignment makes me very excited to work with Technovation.

As a board member, I am excited to help bring the joy of science to more kids and families, helping the next generation disrupt our “traditional” science-based industries such as Food and Agriculture.

What excites you about technology? What worries you? 

Technologies’ abilities to break boundaries and bring together kids, parents, and families across the globe to solve some of the biggest challenges facing our planet (e.g., climate change, food security, air and water pollution, etc.) via collective learning and problem solving excites me.

However, balancing our dependence on technology with enjoying the simpler pleasures of life (walk in nature, hiking, playing board games as a family) will be critical in the future. What worries me most is the current and future generation finding that balance and harmony in their lives.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were 13? 

Living in the present is the key to a happy life. Learn the art of enjoying and feeling every moment. Strive for experiences rather than things. It will enable you to live a fulfilling life.

Is there something new you’re challenging yourself to learn this year?

Learning about my family history and building a family tree – both maternal and paternal sides. I am blessed to have a decently big family – more than 50 cousins across the two sides. Therefore, I am challenging myself to get to know everyone and understand my family’s lineage.

Lisa Tenorio, Global Head of Education, Learning & Training at Epic Games

Lisa Tenorio is the global Head of Education, Learning & Training at Epic Games, leading customer training, online learning, and documentation and academic partnerships for Unreal Engine. Lisa is an education and technology executive with 20 years experience developing global education, training, and certification programs in both the private sector and academia. She has extensive experience building partnerships between both sectors. Lisa is passionate about best practices in online learning, credentials, badging, the future of work, and reinventing the resume and recruiting process.

Why are you excited to work with Technovation? What do you hope we can accomplish together? 

I support Technovation’s mission and strongly believe the ability to solve problems creativity using technology is the key skill needed for jobs of the future. I’m excited to help Technovation grow their programs and reach.

What excites you about technology? What worries you? 

What I love about technology is that it’s always changing–there is always something new to learn. What worries me is the inequity of access to technology and the gaps in digital literacy that we need to solve.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you were 13? 

Pay attention to the activities you could spend hours and hours on without realizing it–these are good clues to finding your path. When I was 13 the adults in my life were always asking me what career I wanted to pursue, but the job I have now didn’t even exist back then. At that time I thought I wanted to be a Robotic Engineer–that didn’t happen, but I did end up working in technology which was something I was interested in.

Is there something new you’re challenging yourself to learn this year? (It doesn’t have to be related to work!) 

I’ve never been particularly good at video games that require a lot of hand/eye coordination, but lately have been investing the time to play as a way to socialize with social distancing. After a few months of playing I’ve finally become pretty good at it (it’s never too late to learn!).

Sana Kharegani, Head of the UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence

Sana Kharegani is the Head of the UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence. She is responsible for running the new joint Office for Artificial Intelligence for the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).






Jessica Kung, Senior Product Manager at Roblox

Jessica Kung is a Senior Product Manager at Roblox, an online game platform and game creation system, where she is focused on bringing the Roblox experience to China.







Technovation is eager to achieve great things with the guidance of Alicia, Mukal, Sana, Lisa, and Jessica. We look forward to deepening the impact and improving the experience of our online learning programs even more with their support.

“The pandemic challenges us to take a hard look at everything, including the relationships between corporations, volunteers, and nonprofit organizations — and who is bearing the load of supporting communities,” said Technovation CEO and Founder, Tara Chklovski. “We need to keep moving, together, to build more resilient communities and a stronger society, and with the diverse experiences and skills of our new board members, I am confident and excited to do just that.”