Check out our new App Gallery!

We are so excited to share the new Technovation App Gallery with you! We can’t wait for you to explore this hand-picked showcase of incredible apps from Technovation Girls and Families teams.

Whether you’re currently working on your own project for a Technovation program, or supporting teams through the ideation process, we hope seeing how other teams have tackled enormous problems sparks your imagination and helps motivate you to keep using technology for good. If you’ve ever noticed a persistent problem in your community and wondered “why isn’t someone paying attention to that?” we hope that solutions from girls and families in this gallery are a reminder that it is possible for all of us to try to fix the problems we see. Start small and specific—then watch that impact grow.

Explore the app gallery, and read on for more about this project.

Why did Technovation build this app gallery now? 

We’ve wanted to do this for several years now and are so glad it’s finally come to life! We wanted a better way to showcase teams’ work for a long time – especially since World Summit, our big celebration event, is often in-person in California, which really limits who gets to meet teams and learn about their work.

Which teams are featured in the app gallery?

The App Gallery showcases Technovation Girls and Technovation Families Regional Winners and Finalist teams from 2017 onwards. We also included teams that are tackling big and timely problems related to civic engagement, civil rights, social justice, racial bias, and equity and diversity. Earlier this year, we pledged to do a better job of showcasing teams that are bravely tackling enormous issues of systemic injustice – this App Gallery is one way we’re keeping our word. We hope that spotlighting the young women courageously and actively working for a better, fairer world inspires everyone to think about the social change they too can make. (We have also adjusted our judging rubric to encourage teams participating in Technovation Girls 2021 to think more carefully about the social impact of their app and the problem it’s addressing).

How can I use the App Gallery?

Use the App Gallery to explore what other teams have built, learn about the problems they choose to solve and how. Watch their videos to help you decide what you think makes a great pitch video. See what problems people in your region choose to solve.

Don’t try to imitate or copy these projects as you work on your own project!  This gallery is supposed to provide inspiration, not a template to mimic – your own creative, unique solutions to problems in your community are what we want to learn more about. Use the gallery to learn more about all the different ways teams have tackled different facets of enormous problems – and then think about which element of a big problem you want to solve and how. (You can also check out the ideation section of the judging rubric for more detail on choosing a problem to solve.)

You can filter by country, year, division, program, and the sustainable development goal you’re interested in. Just select the field(s) you want to sort by and hit “Apply Filter.” You can also search for keywords like “climate” or “bias”. You can always reset the search to start a fresh search.

Will the Technovation App Gallery keep growing?

Yes! We will continue adding Finalists and Regional Winners to the Technovation App Gallery each season, so check back in August 2021 for our most recent teams.

We don’t have the ability to add every Technovation project to this gallery and cannot accept individual requests to add your app or prototype. But that does NOT mean we think your idea is unimportant. Your idea is important – and you should be so proud of yourself for participating in Technovation and actively working to change your community for the better. If you want to share your story with us for a different kind of opportunity, fill out this form for the chance to be featured in a blog post or on social media.