Ericsson employees share what it means to volunteer as a mentor with Technovation

Ericsson is one of Technovation’s corporate partners, committed to helping girls develop the digital and critical thinking skills they need to become leaders, innovators, and problem-solvers. Technovation is proud to work alongside Ericsson, and grateful for the time and dedication of their employees who volunteer as mentors every year.

As mentors, Ericsson employees use their professional skills to help girls complete the Technovation Girls program. Often paired together with other Ericsson volunteers, as mentors, these dedicated individuals teach girls about programming, app development, AI, business models, and market viability. They also guide the girls by modeling key professional skills like collaboration, communication, and on-the-spot problem solving. They help the girls retain their curiosity and enthusiasm, and along the way mentors can rediscover their own passion and drive.

But you don’t have to take our word on it—Technovation invited Ericsson employees to share their experiences mentoring Technovation Girls teams around the world. If you’re inspired by their words, learn more and sign up today to mentor a team for the Technovation Girls 2023 Season.

Kristin Olsson, Developer

A few years ago, during a technical meeting at work, it struck me that I was the only woman among a dozen men and that this was not an unusual situation. I realized that I want to have more female colleagues in the tech business and that I want my children to have colleagues of all genders in whichever field they decide to work in when they grow up. In order to do something about it, and to encourage more girls to pursue a career in technology, I decided to become a mentor for girls with Ericsson and Technovation and I have not regretted that decision.

For me, this mentorship is not only about providing technical or business knowledge but more about being someone who believes in the girls and supports them, cheers them on and asks the right questions so that they can find their own way. Being a mentor gives me a chance to join the girls on a part of their learning journey and it is so rewarding. The highlights are definitely the moments when the team overcomes a challenge which they have struggled with. Watching the girls grow as they develop their skills, and their confidence makes me optimistic about the future.

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Demetrio Tucci, ICT Architect 

As a mentor, I hope I can give a new, encouraging experience in the working life, both for me and for the students. I believe that the cooperation will increase our working point of view in a positive way. I am curious to understand how everything will unfold and what kind of contribution I can give to the students. For my part, I will bring everything that has shaped me over the years working in different companies with different roles from technical engineering to the role of solution for customer units.

I have been involved earlier in introducing students to three different technologies; Robotics, A.I., and Programming, but this [was my] first time [volunteering] for Technovation Girls program.

I am a troubleshooter and bring problem solving and coaching to the table and look forward to learning more as this experience increases my experience as well.

I hope to create impact by helping the girls to solve technical problems. I have been involved in many different situations as I have worked in global support in several countries. I hope I will be able to share my knowledge in the right way from my point of view/experience!

Zakhiya Rehman, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Program Manager


Learning about the creative ideas that Technovation girls presented in previous rounds motivated me to help girls bring their ideas to life. Rather than being daunted by challenging social and environmental problems, it was inspiring to see how young girls embrace ICT to develop impactful and practical solutions. This increased my optimism and hopes for the future.





Ronja Jösch, ADP Cloud-Native Product Owner


I decided to mentor girls in ICT because I believe that it is important to provide opportunities for girls to explore the exciting world of technology. I am passionate about advancing gender equality, and I believe that having access to women already working in the field of ICT is a great way to do this. Through my mentorship, I hope to help the girls build confidence in their abilities and foster a passion for technology. I even hope to inspire the girls to dream big and pursue their ambitions despite any obstacles they may face.

I strongly believe that mentoring is an experience that more people should sign up for, regardless of gender.

It can be a very rewarding experience to become a mentor—to help shape the future of someone’s life and make a real difference.

Sunday Orjingene, Customer Project Manager

Mentoring the girls in the areas of STEM for me, is an act of reducing the digital divide using my wealth of experience in the ICT industry and creating real value to the girls as builders. These success stories give me satisfaction.

One of the highlights was when our team of South African junior girls made it to the semi- finalist round of judging—it was amazing.



Ankita Anil Verma, Solution Architect 

Being in a technical role for a decade now I clearly do see the gap of women in tech, and believe a stronger support system to encourage girls to try the Technovation platform is a launchpad for young enthusiastic women to join tech fields in the future.

Having mentored two teams in my first year, I realized how dedicated a trio can be. One of the teams was very receptive to most feedback & suggestions, [and they] secured a semi-finalist position. Another team struggled with being in different locations and other pandemic challenges.

The two distinct geolocated teams of the second year made us realize the power of optimism and hope despite the lack of resources and language barriers they faced.

Irrespective of the end result I would like the team I mentor to develop an understanding of technology and have a can-do attitude for the challenges, and the ability to think about the commercial viability of their ideas.

Mentoring helped me learn others’ perspectives well and be more empathetic. Personally, I believe the more you interact with young enthusiastic minds, the more we can reconnect with the zealous self that might be lost in mundane office work at times.


Nnenna Orjiugo, System Developer

I am a product of good mentorship. I hope to give back and impact girls to be the best they can be, and be equipped for the future.




Francesca Granchelli, Head of Business Operations, SAN SAB, Business Area Network

I strongly believe we have to support young girls with examples from people who took different paths and are enjoying it. As a tech fan, who wanted to become an astronaut watching the Shuttle, I am now dreaming again with Space X.

Today, social media is drawing the girls’ attention to their looks, and many girls end up thinking the best choice for them is to become an influencer. I want to break this trend and contribute to making the change happen by showing them that there is a different world worth considering and that tech will pave the path for the future.

As an engineer I have often been engaged in initiatives aiming at bridging the divide between girls and boys when deciding their future career. It is important to show the girls that studying STEM is a valid option and as women we can get a job in the tech industries. I have shared my experience in one High School, and internally at Ericsson, both as a presenter and a mentor. I have been many years on the road (27+) in many different roles, and I am a mother of 2 grown up girls, one of them studying Chemistry.

Kapil Mittal, Head Ericsson Drone Mobility

I find mentoring therapeutic for both mentee and the mentor. It not only helps mentees to calibrate their thinking but also trains their budding curious minds. As a mentor I was impressed by the eagerness of the young girls to drive social impact projects.

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