World Summit is less than a month away! If you haven’t yet, grab your free tickets today, and keep reading for ways you can make this virtual event even more fun.

Show us where you’re joining from! 

Did you know that 60 countries were represented in this years’ submissions? We’re hoping the global representation is just as strong at World Summit! To help showcase everyone and where they’re joining, this year we’re running a pre-event social media campaign. To participate all you have to do is:

  1. Take a selfie with your registration email (or just of yourself, if you prefer), and share it on social media—make sure to not include any personal info like email address or address.
  2. If you can/want, add a sticker of the country you’re in to your post!
  3. Follow and tag our social media channels and use #GlobalChangemakersWS22 so we can find and share your post:

Or, during the event spread the word and represent your region!

  1. Post a selfie of you (or your team) watching the stream
  2. Tag us in a post telling us where you’re joining from!

Share your season story

Reach out to us directly to share this season’s accomplishments with us (check the “general/other” box). For instance, tell us things like…how many teams did you help as a Mentor/Ambassador? Was there a team who made incredible progress? A partnership or event you brought to life? Are you proud of your teammates? Grateful to your Chapter Ambassador? Impressed by another team?

Plan a viewing party

Gather together in-person (or online!) for a more communal experience—and if you let us know on social media or the chat, we’ll shout you out during the event. Make it a fun occasion—dress up in fancy clothes, have fun snacks, make fun decorations! (If you tag us in social posts/photos, we’ll re-share on social media channels)

While you wait for the event to begin, reflect on the season together—what is everyone proud of themselves for doing? What did you learn about yourself this year?

Share + learn together during the sessions as a way to wrap up the season

Prepare for the sessions

The focus of world summit is the incredible global Technovation Girls community, but we are offering two powerful learning sessions for attendees plus some inspiring hosts and keynotes

  1. Meet your new Tech Role Models: A diverse group of women leaders share how they got started in their careers, and what they wish they’d known then. Panelists will share the challenges they’ve overcome in male-dominated industries, tips for standing out in the workforce, and their best advice for the next generation of women leaders (…that’s you!)
  2. Learn how to pitch yourself with Shopify: Have you ever met someone new and didn’t know how to introduce yourself? In this fun workshop with Shopify, you’ll learn how to create a personal elevator pitch (a quick summary of your background and experience that helps you show the world what makes you awesome) so you can introduce yourself to new people and business connections in a confident and compelling way.

We hope you’ll join us this year! A virtual World Summit allows everyone to join in the fun and learning, no matter where you live. Whether you tune in at a local event, from a small party with your team, or on your own, remember that you’re part of a community that spans the globe, and that together we can do incredible things. #GlobalChangemakersWS22

Get your tickets!