By Anna Vuong 

Get excited for World Summit 2020, and register todayOn August 13th and August 14th, Technovation will be hosting our virtual World Summit event and we want you to join us by hosting your own World Summit Viewing Party! Here is our How To Guide on hosting the best viewing party for your friends and family.

If your friends and family are unable to be physically in the same location to watch World Summit 2020, choose a viewing platform where you all can gather online and watch World Summit 2020 together. We recommend platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger Video, and/or FaceTime. World Summit will be hosted on the Pathable platform. If you choose to host a virtual viewing party, you will have two platforms open –  Pathable for World Summit and Zoom, etc. for your party

Next, plan the viewing party! World Summit will be held on August 13-14, 2020.

Day 1: August 13, 2020

7:00am PST: World Summit Day 1 kick off
12:30pm PST: End of Day One

Day 2: August 14, 220

7:00am PST: World Summit Day 2 kick off
11:30am PST: Awards Ceremony and World Summit closing

See the full agenda

If you are joining World Summit from a different time zone other than Pacific Standard Time, make sure you are tuning in at the correct time based on your location. You can use a time zone converter, or check out our quick-glance guide.



Pacific Standard Time:  7 AM

Eastern Standard Time: 10 AM

South African Standard Time: 4 PM

India Standard Time: 7:30 PM

China Standard Time: 10 PM



TIP: Send online Save the Dates Invitations to your friends and family prior to World Summit

Once you have your viewing platform and time zone confirmed, determine who will be the host of your viewing party. Will it be you, your parent, your Regional Ambassador, Student Ambassador, and/or mentor?

Next, create a theme for the party! Choose a color palette and decorate your space according to the theme and color palette. The theme and colors can be anything you want! The theme can be the colors of your country’s flag, something related to your favorite World Summit team, a person that you admire, or etc. The sky’s the limit for how you want to decorate your party.

TIP: Don’t forget the snacks for the party! You can have themed-snacks too!

Now for the fun part! Think about how you can make the viewing party interactive for your guests. Here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Start the viewing party 15-30 minutes before the event and play a quick ice breaker game like an easy trivia game. Here is a list of ice breaker games for a virtual view party and in person viewing party.
  • Throughout the 2-day World Summit event, there will be four rounds of team pitches that will be shown. For each round, vote within your viewing party group which team’s pitch was the most creative, most innovative, etcs. Which team do you think will win? Predict winners!
  • At the end of each panel and workshop, or at the end of each World Summit day, hold your own followup discussion from the panels and workshops. The workshops will consist of speakers who will focus on a specific topic. These topics will include Personal Branding and Marketing, How to Build a Portfolio, Product and Software demonstration, and more!
    • What stood out to you? What was a takeaway? What was inspiring to you? How are you going to incorporate the advice you heard in the panels and workshops?
    • What is your favorite part of the World Summit so far?

TIP: Use the chat feature to leave comments and interact with each other, if you are hosting your party via an online platform.

In addition to interacting with your viewing party group, remember to interact with other World Summit participants too! Not only is World Summit a place for the finalists to showcase their app idea, but it is also an opportunity for other participants to (virtually) network with each other. This is your chance to ask questions to industry leaders, finalists, and other Technovation Girls and Technovation Families participants. The Technovation community will be live in the comments/chat box section and we are excited to hear from you!

TIP: Leave encouraging comments for each other and your questions in the comments/chat box section.

Throughout the World Summit, there will be fun activities for all attendees to participate in. Be on the lookout for opportunities to win prizes!

Lastly, enjoy watching and participating in the Technovation World Summit! We want to see your World Summit Viewing Party – tag us on social media with #WorldSummit2020.