Calling all alumnae innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders—apply now for the Alumna Changemaker Award! 

We’re proud to share that for the third year, Technovation will recognize an alumna for their continued efforts to address community problems. The 2024 Technovation Alumna Changemaker award will recognize an alumna who has worked to address any of the Sustainable Development Goals with the support of AI tools between January 2023 and the present.

Application Deadline: July 21, 2024.

Read on for more details about who is eligible (including examples), how to apply, and what the award winner will receive.

What is the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award?

The Technovation Alumna Changemaker award is a prize given to an alumna in recognition of her efforts to solve a problem in her community in the past year (January 2023 through the present). For 2024, the award will be given to an alumna who has worked on a project that integrates AI to address any of the Sustainable Development Goals between January 2023 and the present..

This project does NOT need to be related to your prior Technovation Girls project(s).

Technovation Alumnae ages 18 and up are eligible to apply for this Award.

Is there a prize for the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award?

Yes! $5,000 USD will be given to the selected Grand Prize winner, who will be chosen by a panel of judges. The 1st Runner-Up will receive $3,000 and the 2nd Runner-Up will receive $2000 USD. This prize can be used as an educational scholarship or funding to help further the winners’ projects.

Who can apply for the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award? 

To be eligible to apply for the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award, you must:

  • Be 18 years or older*, as of June 1, 2024
  • Have submitted a project to the Technovation Girls competition between 2010 and the 2022-2023 season (This earlier submission does NOT need to have integrated AI)
  • Must attempt to solve an aspect of one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Please note: Individual alumnae may apply for this award on their own OR as a group, if they have worked with fellow alumnae on a project. If alumnae apply as a group and are selected to win, the prize will be split equally among the alumnae group members.

*If you worked with fellow Technovation Alumnae on this project, and are applying for this award as a group, ALL Technovation Alumnae must be 18 years of age or over to be qualified for this scholarship.

Check out these examples of eligible projects to get an idea of what sort of projects we’re looking for

  • The Waste Management Assistant is a mobile app using AI to improve waste management. It analyzes waste photos to identify materials and offers recycling advice. Plus, it uses AI to predict peak waste collection times, optimizing scheduling for better resource allocation.
  • The Disaster Scenario App is a smart tool to improve disaster readiness and response in vulnerable areas. It analyzes data like earthquakes, weather, and geography using AI to predict disasters and prioritize actions. It then gives real-time alerts and tailored safety instructions, saving lives and reducing damage during emergencies.
  • The Nutritional Guidance Chatbot uses AI to encourage healthy eating habits and address malnutrition by engaging users in personalized conversations about their dietary preferences and goals using natural language processing. It offers practical meal recommendations and tracks users’ progress over time to support lasting dietary changes.
  • The AI Project is a grassroots effort aimed at educating and empowering members of the community about artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Through a series of educational workshops, interactive events, and online resources, we demystify AI, raise awareness about its applications and implications, and foster informed discussions about its societal impact.
  • EcoWatch project used the insights gathered from AI-driven data analysis, engaging with the community through targeted outreach campaigns, educational workshops, and interactive events designed to address specific concerns and misconceptions surrounding recycling practices. By fostering open dialogue and collaboration, we aim to inspire positive behavioral changes and foster a culture of environmental stewardship within our community.

*Please note: 

  • Problems/solutions that do not include AI as part of their solution are NOT eligible
  • Problems/solutions do NOT have to be the same project you originally submitted to the Technovation Girls competition
  • If re-submitting a project submitted to the Technovation Girls competition, you must clearly demonstrate notable improvements or additions to the original submission and highlight advancements in technology or innovation
  • University projects that are solely research-oriented and part of a school requirement are NOT eligible

How do I apply for the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award and what should I include in my application?


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Sunday, July 21, 2024

The application will ask for:

  • A clear and evidence-based statement of the problem you are trying to solve and why it is urgent
  • Your proposed solution to the problem and how it is sustainable and innovative
  • A description of how you integrated AI into your project
  • Your solution’s measurable impact on the community
  • An item that demonstrates your project in action (this can be a photo, video, audio clip, presentation, or document)
  • A YouTube video of yourself explaining the goal of your project and how you achieved it (maximum length: 2 minutes)
  • The name and email address of a reference
  • Optional: any links to content that will help us understand you or your project (a LinkedIn profile, personal website about your solution, or any other URL relevant to your work)

Who previously won the Technovation Alumna Changemaker Award?

The 2022 Alumna Changemaker Award recognized an alumna who had addressed an environmental issue in her community, and was awarded to Winnie Msamba for her submission Morogoro Cocopeat, an initiative to help small farmers switch to the more environmentally-friendly cocopeat (a 100% organic growing medium made from coconut husks).

In 2023, the Alumna Changemaker Award recognized alumnae who had worked on projects related to the environment or gender equity.

The First Place Winner was Atwiine Sabrina for her project EFE.

EFE (A Zulu name given to Women/Girls to mean WEALTH): Eliminating the gendered division of labor by providing women business owners tech, business development and entrepreneurship training, mentorship and grant/incubation opportunities.

The Second Place Winner was Team WePlanet (Christianna Paul, ZebadiJah Maxwell, Kyra Edwards, Mhea Bardouille, and Kyanna Dyer) for their project WePlanet Inc.

WePlanet Inc: Encouraging eco-friendly activities, raising awareness on how individual consumer actions impact the local environment, and incentivizing eco-friendly actions with prizes, via the app WePlanet.

The Third Place Winner was Archika Dogra for her project Innoverge.

Innoverge: Advancing STEMxHumanities education in underserved communities globally, with the aim to cultivate a diverse and empowered next generation of changemakers who contribute to social good.

Are you ready to show us how you’ve been using AI for social good? Let’s go!


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