Congratulations! The 2021-2022 Technovation Girls Season is approaching the finishing line. We’re almost there, but we have one more thing to do—CELEBRATE! We hope everyone who signed up this year will join us on August 12, 2022 at our World Summit event to celebrate and reflect on what you’ve accomplished this year!

There’s a lot to celebrate—this year we opened the Beginner Division to allow younger girls to start their coding and entrepreneurship journeys earlier. We also introduced a new track for projects using artificial intelligence and accompanying curriculum resources so girls could power up their community solutions with AI. We also invited teams to reflect on their hard work with the introduction of a question about learning journeys—we hope that this question helped you recognize how hard you work and how much you learned. And we hope everyone who participated this year is proud of yourselves. We’re certainly proud of you.


By the Numbers: 2022 Technovation Girls Participation 

In 2022, over 5,500 girls from 61 countries developed nearly 1,700 tech-based solutions to community problems through Technovation Girls. And they didn’t do it alone—teams were supported by nearly 3,000 mentors whose mentorship and support can make all the difference. 90% of teams who submitted this year had a mentor, demonstrating once again that support, encouragement, and feedback are integral to student success. These 3,000 mentors included volunteers from companies like Shopify, HPE, HSBC, TEKsystems, Intel, FactSet, ServiceNow (and more!) who brought their technical and business expertise to girls around the world.

With that support, girls were able to bring innovative apps for social good to life. This year girls developed apps to help refugees settle into new homes, apps to help girls access education, apps to monitor air quality, help survivors of domestic violence and so much more.

Fast facts: Project Development:

    • 61% of teams used MIT App Inventor or Thunkable as their coding platform
    • 15% of teams submitted AI projects
    • 20% of projects addressed climate change
    • 43% of projects addressed issues related to health

Regional Impact

Teams from 61 countries submitted projects this year. Several regions especially drew our attention because they increased the number of submissions between last year and this year so dramatically—congratulations to Chile, Portugal, Colombia, and Tanzania in the immense growth you sustained this year!

Welcoming new chapters and thanking existing ones

Finally, we want to take a moment to recognize all of the Chapter, Club, and Student Ambassadors who worked with us this season. Your impact is immense, and your incredible dedication to the girls in your communities inspires us every day. You bring this program to life in each of your regions. Thank you.

And welcome to Chapters that were just started this year! We see your hard work in Bejaia (Algeria), Geita (Tanzania), Bangalore (India) , Karachi (Pakistan), Madrid (Colombia), Winnipeg and Saint John (Canada), Orizaba (Mexico), Los Angeles and St. Louis, (United States), the Republic of Georgia, and Portugal. Congratulations on completing your first season of Technovation Girls!

To all Technovation Ambassadors—we are so proud for the opportunity to work alongside you to support girls to become leaders and innovators. 

And that goes for everyone who participated, volunteered, and supported the program this year—we are so grateful to do this work with you. Please join us for a global community celebration at World Summit on August 12, 2022. World Summit is about so much more than awards or prizes—it’s about gathering as a community to recognize the incredible collective impact this community has, and to remember this is a global movement to support girls on their journeys to become changemakers. You can register here—we hope to see you there!