People from around the world joined us to wrap up the 2021 Technovation Girls season. For two days we learned, celebrated, and shared our visions for a brighter future—to everyone who attended or helped bring the event to life—thank you!

The 2021 Technovation World Summit was sponsored by Shopify, HSBC, Oracle, Nuance, FactSet, and Baxter. We extend our deep thanks for all of their support in a tumultuous year, and special thanks to partners who hosted workshops and panels to share their expertise with girls, families, and volunteers around the world.

For those who could not make it, here’s a quick recap.

  • More than 2000 people from 88 countries attended our second-ever virtual World Summit (with the strongest representation from Brazil, the United States, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, and India!)
  • 13 workshops and panels from leading tech companies and STEM organizations
  • 22 teams from 14 countries presented their projects as Finalists and Regional Winners
  • 36 speakers (including Technovation alumnae) sharing their perspectives, expertise, and encouragement with the Technovation community

An infographic recapping Technovation's 2021 World Summit: Blue background with graphics. The first is an earth, below it reads "Over 2000 people signed up to attend World Summit", the second reads 13 workshops and panels hosted by STEM experts, the third reads 22 finalist and regional winner teams from 14 countries, the final one reads 36 incredible speakers

Speaker and Workshop Recap 

Workshops taught us…

GitHub taught us how to create portfolios to showcase coding projects and get noticed by recruiters, Nuance taught us how to build our own bots to manage our project workflows, Shopify taught us how to ace technical interviews and land a job in tech, Thunkable taught us how to do more with Thunkable’s data and video tools, Isthmus taught us how to secure funding to launch our businesses, MIT App Inventor taught us how to train a test a machine learning model to classify objects, and Twitch taught us how to build a brand and grow our influence through streaming.

Keynote speakers reminded us…

Our speakers reminded us that failure is part of any learning process and not a reason to give up, that mentors can make all the difference in our success and confidence in the technology space, that girls are changing their communities with technology everywhere in the world, and that knowing yourself and your abilities and skills will help you succeed in any workplace.

Technovation Girls alumna Dayane Lima also reminded us that we can be our own inspiration—”Technovation showed me that anyone can be the hero they want and are waiting for” and that the first step is to just start, even if you’re worried you might not be good right away—”if you don’t try you won’t be good at the things you want to be good at.”

We’ll be sharing a few more recap posts over the next few months with some of the best advice we heard at World Summit, but if you missed the event, or just want to replay your favorite moments, check out our World Summit Playlist and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss any recordings.

Registration for the next season of Technovation Girls will open in December, but you can learn more and sign up to be the first to know when registration officially opens here.