This season nearly 5,900 girls developed 1,700 mobile apps to solve community problems. Representing over 60 countries, these girls are using technology to solve the problems they care about most, including domestic violence, water pollution, access to education and more. Supported by mentors and local ambassadors, students learned the fundamentals of coding and entrepreneurship to get their ideas across the finish line and share them with the world. Today we are proud to introduce you to this years’ finalists and regional winners. We also have a message from Technovation Girls Mentors for every single participant this year:

Meet the 2021 Technovation Girls Regional Winners

Get to know the 10 teams’ named the best in their region this year. Regional Winners are invited to share their work at the App Expo at World Summit—one of the event’s absolute highlights. Although Regional Winners will not be pitching live at the event, you can learn all about their visions for safer, cleaner communities through their official pitch videos. Give them a watch and get ready to connect on August 12 and 13 at World Summit.

Senior Division Regional Winners

Senior Regional Winner: Asia
Solace Sphere, by team Boolean Babes
Solace Sphere is a domestic violence app disguised as a Magic8Ball game in which users can shake at any screen to go back to the disguise game. Aiming to help the ever rising number of cases of domestic violence in Malaysia, Solace Sphere offers journal and informational features to help users identify their current situation, acquire necessary information and feel supported. By helping users contact counsellors and other survivors of domestic abuse, we aim to help create a support system for users.

Senior Regional Winner: Africa
Ziwa Safi, by team Bring Back Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the largest tropical lake in the world supporting over 40 million livelihoods in 3 countries. Plastic pollution is choking the lake and threatening these livelihoods, but there is very little data on the true scope and impact of the plastic pollution. This lack of data makes it difficult to build strategies, develop action plans, and measure progress. Ziwa Safi offers a solution—it is an app that collects data on plastic pollution in the Lake by allowing ordinary people to record the location, type and brand of the waste they find and add it to a database.

Senior Regional Winner: North America
cultivAte, by team Homegirl Hackers
United States

Currently, people have difficulty finding transparent information about their food. With so many people reading food labels when they shop, our solution to make this process faster and easier to understand is cultivAte. With cultivAte, users can search for ingredients in their products and be presented, in real time, with information about how the ingredients fit into their dietary requirements and how the environment may be impacted by those ingredients.

Senior Regional Winner: Latin America
FilantropIK, by team Ikal

FilantropIK is a mobile application that helps promote a culture of altruistic donation in Mexico from an early age, through information and interactive dynamics. The app allows users to run or participate in donation campaigns for blood donations, hair donations, and bottle cap collection (the plastic is recycled to raise funds for children’s cancer treatments). FilantropIK is focused on users 16 years old and up, and offers information about campaigns, donation requirements, and donation locations, as well as challenges and games.

Senior Regional Winner: Europe
Safe Walk, by team Safety In Numbers

SafeWalk provides an innovative safety measure that protects young girls from predators while walking alone, by triggering a loud alarm meant to scare the attacker off. This loud alarm is followed by a silent one that informs the user’s peers that they are in danger and enables a live GPS tracking alongside a live audio & video transmission. It also allows their users to create their own personal community with their most trusted friends and/or family members.

Junior Division Regional Winners

Junior Regional Winner: North America
Beecological, by team Awesome – Ottawa

Beecological helps consumers make better choices by informing them about the ecological impact of food products and ultimately reduce pollution. Pollution causes big, mostly irreparable damages and can harm our health and food security. 3.8 Million deaths/year can be attributed to pollution. We have to act before the earth becomes uninhabitable, we have to change our behaviors as pollution is mainly caused by human activity.

Junior Regional Winner: Africa
EVIŔUS, by team Bright star🌠
Eviŕus is an android based Mobile App for breast cancer patients. It was created to add laughter to the lives of people suffering with breast cancer. It also acts as a reminder and alerts users of the correct time to take their medications, helps users schedule doctors’ appointments. Eviŕus also includes a self care bot, BIVI, that will interact with users and answer their questions.

Junior Regional Winner: Asia
RAHMAT, by team IT-Ladies

There are 4-5 million people living in poverty in Uzbekistan, most of whom don’t have Internet and smartphones. People in this community can be reached in two ways: via social networks (if they ask for help there) and through urban divisions of communities named “Mahalla” (who are responsible for social work). Our idea is to join forces of “Mahalla” workers, register them, and invite everyone who wants to help people in need to use the app. Our target users are: people who are in need; people who want to help, and “Mahalla” members, who know who to help in their districts.

Junior Regional Winner: Latin America
Diana, by team The Wonder Women

Diana is an app for reporting violence against women. Our app is disguised as a reading app, uses geolocation to make the report for greater user safety and has an artificial intelligence-like chatbot to identify which type of violence the user is being victimized by. In addition to the report being anonymous (no need to register) the application has a testimonial area where users can share their experiences after they report, thus also encouraging other victims to file the report.

Junior Regional Winner: Europe

39 million people suffer from blindness around the world, with 70,000 of them in Spain. In our day to day, we interact with family members from this community who deserve to imagine the world the way we see it. To make this possible, we have created an app that will not only help them explore the world, but also doing it accompanied. If they choose to travel alone, our app will connect the camera and Google Maps with the earphones to guide the user and describe the surroundings wherever they go. Otherwise, choosing to go accompanied will connect them with a user nearby who will travel with them, and encourage new friendships.

Meet the 2021 Technovation Girls Finalists

Meet the 12 Finalist teams who will be advancing to the final round of judging! They will be pitching their ideas at our online World Summit event August 12-13, 2021. You’re invited too! Learn more about World Summit, and grab your seat now

Senior Division Finalists

Operation Serenity, by team CASP Technologies
United States

Operation Serenity is an Android application that taps into an untouched market to reduce anxiety in pediatric patients aged 8-15. The app shares kid-friendly images and surgical sounds of general sugery procedures and places them in clear step-by-step order to help pediatric patients understand what to expect from their surgery. Users can access educational resources like articles or videos as well as access to community and emotional support resources like support groups or religious groups. Operation Serenity also offers information about fun local events and activities to reduce patient’s stress.

Nutrie, by team FullSTEAM

Brazil has 2.4 million overweight and 1.2 million obese children. Nutrie can help these children find their ways to a healthier lifestyle by disseminating information about healthy habits in fun, playful ways designed with children in mind. Nutrie offers three features to help children learn about healthier eating and activity habits including a habit tracker, food pyramid challenge, and quizzes.

Hidden Women, by team Girls4STEM

Hidden Women wants to give visibility to the women in STEM fields throughout history. Our goal is to reach out to the young generation with games and interesting information to empower young girls. The app contains information about 60+ women in STEM and lets users choose up to 3 favorites. Users can play games to learn about these women in STEM. Users can make friends on the app through common favorites, and compare their progress in the games to their friends.

Maji – Water Security, by team Maji
United States

Maji—Water Security gives users a real-time estimate of their household’s water quality by using local testing data and machine learning. An optional sensor can be purchased to help users gather additional information about their tap water. If granted permission, Maji also crowdsources nearby water scores to compare water quality and recommend specific filtration systems based on those local needs. Maji’s mission is to make real-time water quality information accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere in to help civilians and municipalities practively and collectively combat clean water inequality.

EChO, by team The Winnovators
United Arab Emirates

The World Bank estimates that on average, each person generates about 270 kilograms of waste a year. Although people may want to take responsible action, they face a dearth of knowledge, opportunities, and resources. EChO is a free app that connects conservationists and environmentalists to a common forum through social media. Users can post/accept new challenges to improve environmental health. They can upload images of their challenges to earn points, which will allow top scorers to lead a community event of their choice. EChO enables people to make eco-smart decisions, accelerating the world’s transition to sustainability.

MajiMaji App, by team tLioness

MajiMaji App aims to make water more readily available to the dwellers of the Kibera community. Our community already has watering points as established by the government, however corruption and other obstacles make it difficult to obtain water. Through the MajiMaji app, users can order water and have it delivered to their doorstep. Users can also sign up as suppliers of water.

Junior Division Finalists

COLBY, by team COLBY
Sri Lanka

Colby stands for “’Cure of Loneliness.” Colby is a chat bot built to cheer people up and lessen loneliness in times of a pandemic. Colby’s main function is to detect the mood of the user by using AI to analyze the chats the user exchanges with the bot. If the user feels lonely, suggestions are provided to help ease their loneliness. Emergency help lines are included for users who immediately need to connect with a counselor.

MELT (MyEcoLifeTrack), by team Free Horizons

By 2050, it’s predicted that millions of people will live in water-stressed areas. To help address this, MELT helps people understand how much water they use weekly. MELT tracks water consumption across three categories: appliances, food and lifestyle and plastic materials. has 3 sections: water, food and plastic. MELT shows users their water footprint weekly over the course of an entire year to encourage them to save water every day.

World in Words, by team Go Maria!

World in Words aims to help people who are blind or have low vision to get to know places through audio descriptions from sighted volunteers. Audio description is a fundamental resource for people who are blind or have low vision, as it translates images into words. World in Words allows sighted volunteers to record audio descriptions of the places visited, thus allowing the blind or those with low vision to know these places. With the screen reader enabled the blind or low vision user will be able to use the app, hear audio descriptions from the gallery or search for audio descriptions of desired locations.

CO2 Sensei, by team MDS
United States

CO2 Sensei enables schools and businesses to reopen safely by allowing them to monitor ventilation inside their buildings. Previous research has shown carbon dioxide is a good proxy for ventilation, so CO2 Sensei offers various ways to view CO2 levels from a sensor in the room: bluetooth integration, vision recognition tools to analyze picture uploads, and user input. This information is stored in a GoogleSheet and users can see graphs for carbon dioxide levels over time. We provide feedback with color-coded levels, along with guidance on how to improve poor ventilation through our website ( Tabbed navigation allows users to quickly get to the correct place.

Stellar, by team Stellar!

Stellar is an easy-to-navigate app that helps to develop innovative solutions for Pediatric Occupational Therapists (OTs). OTs are health and social care professionals who help children achieve maximum independence in all activities of daily life. 30,000 patients are waiting for OT in Ireland and waiting times have worsened due to COVID-19. Most OTs surveyed through Facebook groups reported a need for a safe platform to offer remote appointments, monitor progress, and develop individualized programs for children. Stellar offers to fill these gaps and will also host evidence-based high-quality content developed by experienced Occupational Therapists.

Borrow Books, by team Tomato team

If you love to read, but can’t afford to buy new books, Borrow Books is a new way to exchange books with people in your community. The app is completely free to use. Users can browse through books in other people’s collections, and request to borrow them as well as lend their own books to others. Make new friends, see what your friends are reading, rate books, and keep track of books you’ve read. Users can upload lists of their favorite books, discover new books through other people’s posts, borrow books from people in the surrounding area, connect with other readers, and rate and review books.

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