Every year we challenge girls and families to solve problems in their communities. This App Gallery showcases some of the top solutions from recent years. We hope they inspire you to solve a problem you care about in your community!

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12 Results
  • 2020 Finalist
    • Eunomia

    • New Zealand

    • A mobile game targeted at the 40+% of 18-24 year-olds who do not vote, Eunomia teaches players about politics and how the New Zealand government functions. Eunomia also identifies the user's political stance in an unbiased way.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
  • 2020 Social Justice
    • DiscriminAction

    • Canada

    • DiscriminAction is a simulation game that teaches kids about what it's like to be discriminated against. Players select from a diverse group of avatars to play as, and once they've chosen, they make decisions for the avatar to try to get them through the discrimination that the avatar is facing.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Social Justice*
  • 2020 Artificial Intelligence
    • Vocali

    • United States

    • Vocali is a speech therapy app for stuttering children ages 4-12. It has speech drill games that improve users’ pronunciation clarity, speech challenges that ask them to interact with the real world, educational resources that inform them about their conditions, and individual accounts that track their progress. With Vocali, stuttering children will become the voices for themselves.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Artificial intelligence*
  • 2020 Climate Action*
    • PolluNo

    • United Kingdom

    • PolluNo is an educational game that tackles air pollution, a significant contributor to climate change and cause of serious respiratory diseases. PolluNo focuses on transportation, which accounts for 26% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions. The game informs people and encourages them to make better choices for our environment by opting for low-emisson forms of transport.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Climate Action
  • 2017 1st Place
    • Dementia Care Companion

    • Hong Kong SAR China

    • Dementia Care Companion provides personalized trainings to dementia patients through interactive games and helps them maintain their abilities to interact with loved ones. There is a corresponding family app which allows the family members to monitor the progress of the patient through reading game statistics and includes a location tracker.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Good Health and Well-Being
  • 2020 Regional Winner
    • Bee Happy

    • Kyrgyzstan

    • A tool to help prevent suicide and bullying problems among teenagers, Bee Happy provides users with psychological assistance and access to a community and motivational resources. It connects teenagers with psychologists and help centers, and also allows them to chat with peers and psychologists in group chats and forums. It also provides access to motivational resources and tests, and mini-games.
    • Program: Girls
    • Topic: Good Health and Well-Being