Find your place in Technovation

We need you! Whatever your unique skill-set is, we have a place for you in Technovation.

  • If you’re a creative, curious student start building a better future with technology.
  • If you’re an educator or non-profit employee, run our programs in your community.
  • If your company is looking for ways to connect with the local community, engage employees, and share your expertise, partner with us.
  • And if you only have a few hours to spare but you want to give back in a meaningful way, we have volunteer opportunities for you too.



Corporate Opportunities

Fund our programs

Help us strengthen and improve our programs as a corporate partner. Learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

Engage employees in our programs

Connect your employees to girls or families exploring technology and building a better world. Employees can mentor, teach, or support participants of our Technovation Girls and Technovation Families programs as mentors, judges, or curriculum creators. Discover ways to engage your employees.

Empower lifelong learning