By The Emeralds

This is a spotlight of 2020 Regional Winner The Emeralds, who created Course Connect, an AI-powered app to help students select the best course of study for their individual needs and interests. 

Tell us about your journey this season! Tell us about your team – how many of you are there? 

We are the Emeralds and we are never willing to give up. There are 4 of us on the team.

Why did you want to join Technovation?

We joined Technovation because we saw it as an opportunity to make an impact in our world just as we’ve always wanted.

What was it like to work together as a team on one project? 

It wasn’t very easy to decide on one project due to so many opinions but we were able to scale through.

What sort of things did you learn this year? 

We’ve learnt to be resilient enough and keep on, and the importance of not giving up on your dreams. Of course we learnt about AI more than ever as well!

Tell us about the problem you solved, and why it’s important to you. 

Our app Course Connect helps students choose the best courses to study personalized to their interests. It’s important to us because we’ve seen a lot of graduates regretting the course they studied.

What does your project do and how does it work? What were your favorite parts of building it? What was the hardest part of building it?

You answer a questionnaire and it tells you what course you’ll do best in. The hardest part was designing an accurate questionnaire. Our favorite part was designing the graphics and designing the app.

Do you want to keep working on your project? What will you do? 

Yes. We are thinking of adding psychological features and using a camera sensor in order to help the feature

Finally, what advice do you have for other young inventors and builders?

We just want to say “Never Give Up!”