In 2022, 5,500 girls from 61 countries developed 1,700 mobile apps to solve community problems. That’s 5,500 girls around the world stepping up to solve big problems using technology. These problems range from education access, to air pollution, to girls’ health, to elder care and so much more. With the help of mentors and local ambassadors, these girls have taken enormous steps to help their community and to develop their own technical and leadership skills. Today we are proud to introduce you to the 2022 Technovation Girls finalists and regional winners.

We are so proud of every person who participated in the program this year. We are also especially grateful to the Judge Advisors who took the time to review 11 or more submissions this year, providing thoughtful feedback and advice to each team.

Meet the 2022 Technovation Girls Regional Winners

Get to know the teams who earned the award of Regional Winners this year (Beginner Division, Junior Division, Senior Division). This years’ group of Regional Winners tackled a range of astonishing issues and represent 14 countries.

Beginner Division Regional Winners

Beginner Regional Winner: Africa
E-GO School, by team Nkishon
About 60% of the people in the Samburu community are illiterate. The major cause of illiteracy is the lack of school fees due to poverty. Most scholarship application processes involve physically going to an office to apply. E-GO school is an app that aims to solve this by providing a platform that shows available scholarship opportunities for people of the Samburu community to apply to. The app will provide guidelines for the different scholarships currently available. Moreover, we have a section that may provide e-learning facilities through informational videos that will improve literacy levels for the older generation.

Beginner Regional Winner: Asia
Watey, by team Spes Dojo

Watey is an AI-powered app that helps families to save water easily and enjoyably. The AI identifies the sound of your shower and automatically measures your usage, so there’s no need for tedious measuring and recording! Flow meters and microbits can also be used for more accurate measurements. The amount of water a user saves can be shared with family members. As everyone works together to meet their water conservation goals, more and more fish in the sea will be added to your app screen, making saving water together more fun!

Beginner Regional Winner: Europe
Help4Grands, by team 5Girls4Techno

Our grandparents have a lot of problems with technology, so we created an app to make things easier for them. Help4Grands groups the most important phone functions into a single screen. These highlighted functions include: a list of important tasks; an emergency call feature to contact ambulance, police, and family; easy access to proof of COVID vaccine; a listing of location and address (in case of getting lost or disoriented); the weather; the phone function; sending predefined messages to predefined contacts; the camera; and a clock. Additionally, all of these features can be accessed using voice command recognition.

Beginner Regional Winner: Latin America
NekiNatureApp, by team NEKIAPPS
Did you know that more than 2,200 species in Mexico are in danger of extinction? NekiNatureApp is a tool that advises people about endangered animals in Mexico. NekiNatureApp shares information about specific animals a user wants to help. It also guides you through the correct and healthy way to support its care.

Beginner Regional Winner: North America
marineEDU, by team Adventure Takers
The problem we choose to solve is underwater animal endangerment in Ontario. marineEDU provides information and raises awareness about endangered marine life. This app includes useful information about the top 10 endangered species and why they are important. It also helps users identify different marine life they can come across in their daily lives.

Junior Division Regional Winners

Junior Regional Winner: Africa
With You, by team sleuth
With You helps people who are facing mental challenges while undergoing obesity treatment to talk with a support team of people who have gone through the same thing but overcome their challenges. Users can read stories about those who have overcome their health challenges, which gives them encouragement and support, increasing their chance of succeeding with weight loss plans. This should help them deal with stress, anxiety, stigmatization and rejection which tend to enlarge the problem.

Junior Regional Winner: Asia
Pustaka, by team Baswara
Pustaka is the perfect app for lost book-lovers like you! Pustaka encourages you to explore books and literacy through self-motivation and goal-setting. Pustaka lets you track your progress with a Reading Journal, discover new books with other Pustakawan and connect with fellow readers. Pustaka also provides special rewards to claim every time you finish a book. Join the fun in reading with Pustaka!

Junior Regional Winner: Europe
Climattain, by team Planet Protector
Climattain is a mobile app developed to inform, empower and encourage secondary school students and teachers to take daily and simple climate actions based on ten themes from the Irish Green Schools Website. Users complete daily quizzes, create and join climate campaigns within the school, spot biodiversity on school grounds, report sustainable shopping using machine learning, log daily climate-friendly habits, set their own exercise, water and food-related goals, and get inspired by reading articles and information related to the themes. The app provides instant rewards and motivation in the form of attainables and badges and leaderboard positions.

Junior Regional Winner: Latin America
iLearn, by team AppStark
iLearn is an app to give teachers, students and parents more resources to improve the quality of the education that’s being received by students today, making the education process more simple and transparent.
We want to do this because we believe that being actively involved in the school community is key to a better quality education for everyone.

Junior Regional Winner: North America
Allergy Shield, by team TechieGirl
United States
Have you ever had an allergic reaction? Allergy Shield is a mobile application that quickly and efficiently scans the barcodes of food products to see if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. It connects to a API key and uses a built-in barcode scanner in order to scan the ingredients. It then sends an immediate alert if you are allergic to the item. Allergy shield provides a list of detailed ingredients and prevents allergic reactions in the future.

Senior Division Regional Winners

Senior Regional Winner: Africa
EarthExp, by team Eco Elixirs
EarthExp is an app targeted at addressing the issue of climate change from the people’s perspective. It has been confirmed that there are psychological barriers to climate action affecting individuals. To help counter these barriers, the app provides features that align with five strategies to sustainable behaviour: nudging and social networking through the feeds and trends pages; storytelling, through the articles page, frames through the simulation; and meaningful indicators made available through the VR inclusion.

Senior Regional Winner: Asia
ACE (AI Care for Elders), by team ACErs
ACE (AI Care for Elders) is an app that aims to cure loneliness in elders through modern AI voice technologies. It revolutionizes senior care with more personalized and targeted tools for mental health issues. ACE allows elders to listen to audiobooks, recipes, news, and religious texts in their grandchild’s voices using voice replication. It also has a feature to call for help in a timely manner during emergency situations after detecting a safe word using voice recognition/detection.

Senior Regional Winner: Europe
YPS (Your Panic Support), by team TERAA
YPS (Your Panic Support) helps people who have panic attacks to get through them more comfortably. The first time you open the app, you will see a list of options from which you can choose the most beneficial ways to calm yourself. After that, you will have a page with 3 buttons (help, settings, and info). When you press the help button, you will receive the help you requested when you downloaded the app. If you go in the settings, you can customize your account and contact us.


Senior Regional Winner: Latin America
KindUp, by team KindGirls
KindUp is a social network designed to intimately connect foundations with people who want to help with just a few clicks on their mobile screen. KindUp is presented as a support mechanism to reduce inequality in Venezuela: the app will help promote small nonprofit foundations so that they can achieve their goals through the support of donors and volunteers, and at the same time will communicate the social impact of their projects, motivating and linking people in society. ”Because the goal will be closer if we work together.”

Senior Regional Winner: North America
Home Heal, by team the Sparks
United States
HomeHeal provides long term stroke recovery patients with resources to better heal at home while simultaneously improving communication with their healthcare providers. Through HomeHeal, patients are able to work on various aspects of their recovery, such as their cognitive and physical rehabilitation, and are given resources to both help them in their daily lives and reach out to others when they need support. In addition, HomeHeal includes a feature that sends easy progress reports to the users’ doctors, improving communications and providing better support for recovery away from the hospital.

Meet the 2022 Technovation Girls Finalists

Meet the 15 Finalist teams (Beginner Division, Junior Division, Senior Division) who will be advancing to the final round of judging!

Beginner Finalist Teams

Andalio, by team FAHARI YA MSICHANA
Teachers in government use hard copies to prepare lesson plans, but they have to use new booklets after every term, so they throw away or burn unused booklets. This leads to environmental and air pollution. This method also exhausts teachers because they have to use a lot of time writing and it is easy to lose their information. We designed Andalio to be an application which is friendly to teachers because they will find all the needed tools, prepare lesson plans and save all information on the application, without creating paper waste.

cHHange – It’s Normal, by team The Unstoppable Tech Girl
cHHange – It’s Normal targets an unnecessarily taboo subject: puberty. About 79% of students in a study were unable to learn about puberty due to a lack of resources. 88% of families did not talk about necessary hygiene practices. I surveyed my own community and found that 94.4% of adolescents feel insecure because of the social stigma circulating puberty. My app’s information library provides customized information about puberty and hygiene. It also uses Artificial Intelligence with a friendly chatbot (where you can vent and ask questions) and a fun game using ML. My app guarantees that we know change is normal.


WE R is a simple and fun application that uses an AI model to recognize different types of plastics. It seeks to raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem through the 5 Rs: Reject, Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Repair.
The application includes useful functions to learn more about plastic waste, know which plastics can be recycled, how to reuse them, etc. Users will meet daily challenges, get points and compete with friends and family.

Bella Connected Ears, by team Connected Girls
Bella Connected Ears is an application for the hearing impaired that helps in life-threatening moments when they are without hearing aids or inattentive. The app allows sound recording (siren, horn, fire alarm, etc.), it will trigger an alert in vibration mode to recognize the recorded sound.
This idea came from the real story told by Isabella, who got into trouble when she was without her implants when the fire alarm went on in her hotel; and for Katarina, who didn’t hear a siren in traffic. Both were alerted by their parents. If they were alone, using the BELLA EARS CONNECTED app would save their lives!

Sugarless, by team Tech Sass
United States
One big problem that many people around the world face is overconsuming sugar. Sugarless is an app designed by Team TechSass to educate children about the dangers of overconsuming sugar. The app includes a homepage, lessons/questions, and arcade games. We created multiple lessons about sugar consumption based on our research. The lessons and questions were coded on the platform Thunkable. The game, Donut Run, was coded on the platform Our app is unique because not only is Sugarless the only app designed to prevent sugar-related problems instead of helping treat them, but it also appeals to children.

Junior Finalist Teams

EndCut, by team Almasi
8 in every 10 girls between the ages of 7 and 15 have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as preparation for marriage. EndCut is an app that aims to stop FGM & early marriage by alternate economic empowerment of Samburu community women. EndCut sells beaded jewellry made by the Samburu women community who are highly skilled in making beaded jewellery. EndCut will advertise and sell the beaded jewellery work to the rest of the world. Endcut also provides articles on the dangers of FGM. A blog feature showcases prominent Samburu women to inspire other girls. Proper Economic empowerment can substitute for bride price.

EpiCare, by team EpiCare
EpiCare is a first of its kind mobile application programmed to aid persons diagnosed with epilepsy during emergencies as well as on an everyday basis. EpiCare’s SOS feature is initiated either upon user intimation or upon automatic detection of jerking movements. This feature alerts the user’s emergency contacts with an email containing the user’s location. EpiCare also alerts the user’s surroundings by delivering step-by-step aural instructions alongside visual graphics to guide lay bystanders in providing immediate first-aid. EpiCare also hosts other features such as a health log of past seizures, a medication reminder system and a sleep tracker.

BuyLocal4SustainableFarming, by team Solvers
BuyLocal4SustainableFarming aims to contribute to the improvement of local communities and to a more sustainable and equitable society, favouring local production and consumption of more environmentally friendly products, as well as the promotion of more direct and fairer commercial exchanges. It aims to be a communication platform between consumers and local producers, operating on a minimalist basis to allow successful access for all. It has an area with information on the products available and respective producers, a search functionality by product, and a chat (under development) for questions to producers, orders, and articulation to pick up products

Exer-Time, by team The Determined Duo
People working from home rarely leave their chairs, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Exer-Time will engage users to take breaks during their work-from-home day by using the Pomodoro Technique to make time for exercise. When they decide to go on a walk/run, we will track their distance and give them points accordingly, using gamification to further motivate users.

6-Asthma, by team 6-Asthma
United States
6-Asthma enables asthma patients to travel with safety. It consists of a comprehensive map that indicates locations other users have had an asthma attack, allowing all asthma patients to avoid or be aware when traveling by. Patients may record their symptoms daily, visualize their peak flow in a graph and send it to their doctor right away digitally. Its weather feature displays all asthma related weather triggers, helping asthma patients make an informed decision on going outdoors. With 6-Asthma, asthma patients may enjoy carefree travel around the world and live a normal life.

Senior Finalist Teams

Dyna-Stats Tracker, by team Dynamic-T Girls
Dyna-Stats Tracker is a mobile app designed to gather data on school dropouts within our community. It provides a real-time database on school dropout, which makes it easy to identify disadvantaged youths and children. Education policymakers and data analysts can utilize the data from Dyna-Stats Tracker to better frame effective responses and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

Mahila, by team CASP STEMgirls123
Mahila is an app that focuses on normalizing feminine care. Open conversations regarding menstrual and sexual healthcare for women are avoided due to the stigma that surrounds them, causing misinformation and a lack of awareness. The minimal information available is not inclusive of non-binary people with uteruses or trans women. This is why our app, Mahila, targets people with uteruses and trans women ages 7-18, providing them with useful information regarding sexual, menstrual, and hormonal healthcare along with diagrams in a way that is direct, clear, and digestible. The app even connects users with doctors and organizations for professional advice.

MindReleaf, by team Mindberries
Mindberries supports the mental health of students. It is designed to prevent small, everyday life problems from getting big. Common problems include stress, a lack of time management and a lack of understanding of their mental state. To solve these, we implemented a diary, a timer, relaxation exercises, a mood-barometer, a randomized quote, a to-do list and a stress test. All features are arranged on a shelf to create a cozy atmosphere and a feeling of comfort, a personal space.

TAI: difusión de Tecnología, Aprendizaje e Innovación, by team Justicia Senior 13
Have you felt like you were in another bubble due to lack of awareness of opportunities? We have and we have also felt limited. That is why we want a world where that doesn’t happen, where we are aware of opportunities, able to seize and to create opportunities! TAI will make this possible, connecting users with the opportunities they are looking for. TAI is a Technology, Learning and Innovation dissemination application. Being generated by the community, professionals and organizations, TAI allows users to access and share projects, current people who inspire them, organizations, tools, royalty-free material, as well as learning calls and competencies.

ThinkShare, by team ShareEdu
United States
ShareEDU provides schools and teachers around the world a precise and convenient way of tracking group discussions to an immediate and multi-faceted analysis or feedback on student participation. We propose an innovative resource that meets today’s evolving educational trends and needs surrounding collaborative learning discussions.

2022 Judge Advisors


Every year, thousands of volunteer Judges help select the semifinalists, Regional Winners, Finalists, and Special Prize winner teams. We are so grateful to all of these volunteers who share their time and feedback with Technovation Girls teams, but every year some volunteers go above and beyond, judging 11 or more submissions this year and earning the title of Judge Advisor.

Aatreyi Bal, Intel Corporation
Abieyuwa Jegede, Prayziz event solution
Abigail Burnstein, Salesforce
Akshay Gowda, Intel
Alaa AlShurafa, Fulapp
Alain Gerard Coballes, Mentorforce
Allison Creamer, Shopify, Inc.
Amana Samara Juricic, Red Hat
Amanda Belo, SAP
Ana Carolina Gonzalez Rendon, Atole Gráfico
Ananda Vardhana, Intel Corp
Andrea Leal, Institut International de Lancy
Andrés García Floriano, NTT DATA EMEAL
Anna Ngo, PwC
Anna Perez, ServiceNow
Anna Zakrzewska, Dell Technologies
Anne Jewell, Consultant
April Hawkins, MetLife
Ayodele Adetayo, Grace High School
Baxter Denney, Self Employed
Beny Flores, NTT DATA
Beth Brdlik, salesforce
Blaire Bartholomew, CBRE
Caitlin Lefever, Salesforce
Carly Kiang, Shanghai American School
Carlye Bartel, Salesforce
Catalina Mariani, HP
Charles Thompson, Salesforce New Zealand
ChengCheng Tan, Cheng2 Designs, LLC
Christine Hart, Intel Corp
Colleen Duval, Oracle (Retired)
Cristina Andreescu, Liceul Tehnologic Nikola Tesla
Cristina Miguelsanz Álvarez, Cellnex Telecom
Cristina Rodriguez Wilson, SFA
Damilola Adegbite, University of Lagos
Daniel Fernández-Soto, Spanish National Research Council
Elias Muhoozi, Oysters & Pearls Uganda
Ellynita Lamin, Planday
Esther Alarcon, GFT
Esther Mbaike, Salesforce
Eva María Celma, Endesa SA
Gabriele Whitehead, Radboud University Medical Center
Garima Gupta, Salesforce
Gözde Özcan, Shopify
Gwyne O’Dwyer, LexisNexis Risk Solutions
Hamid Majdabadi, IBM
Heather Beck, SAP
Hedaya Shabana, University
Herb Hofmann, Loews Corporation
Hima Bindu Sadashiva Reddy, Nova Southeastern University
Imani Malaika-Mehta, SOTV Creators
Iñaki Echeandia, Salesforce
Iseult Mangan, Cloghans Hill NS
Jack Lai, NASA
Janhavi Dahihande, Thunkable, Inc
Jason Fischer, Loews Corporation
Joanne Steger, Salesforce
Josephine Angela Baah, Allianz Ghana
Julie Thompson, Salesforce
Kareen Muhammed, Skanska
Karen Meyer, Contract Logix
Kartika Dumasari, Studio Kode
Katerina Kobzova, PwC LLP
Katrina Robertson, Flexion

Kimberley Strother, MetLife Financial Group
Kristin Olsson, Ericsson
Kristin Smith, Salesforce
Lareen Muhammed, PwC
Laura Tabus, Accendo
Laura Walker, PwC
Leslie Saavedra, TE Connectivity
Magdalena Pawlak, Cellnex
Manisha Mandal, RPSG Ventures
Marco Azpurua, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Marie Ottum, TE Connectivity
Marina Levay
Marina Slabyak, Salesforce
Marisol Velasco, NTT DATA EMEAL
Marlen Akhmedov, Google
Martin Carazo, Microsoft
Megan Baruch, PwC
Molly Hertzfeld, Salesforce
Mónica Alonso Sabrido, Ericsson
Moses F Tengbeh, MFT Graphic Design
Murewa Olubela, MARVL
Nancy Marchak, MetLife
Nandini Suresh Kumar, Salesforce
Nicolas Espino, Salesforce
Nicole Araneda Muñoz, Ricoh Spain
Nora Tam, The University of Hong Kong
Nunzio Izzo, Salesforce
Obioma Edeh, Baker Hughes
Owen Smith, PwC
Palm Amanda, CGC
Paridhi Singh, Salesforce
Paula Carnahan, TE Connectivity
Phil Yasger, Andersen Windows / Turnberry
Philile Mkhize, Liberty
Prakash Singh, Adobe
Raquel Gimenez, GFT
Rashmi Tyagi, STEAM Vision Pvt Ltd
Rebecca Bosold, ServiceNow
Roberto Barrios, Salesforce
Roxana Pawliszyn, D2L
Rupen Sharma, Synopsys
Sakshi Rambhia, Tesla
Sally Vedros, Context Marketing Services
Sam Leong, Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School
Sandra Chen, Facebook
Sanjoy Banik, Salesforce
Sayyora Rakhimova, International Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan
Seda Gevorgyan, Synopsys
Shana Dejumo, Vanguard
Shar Rubio, SIM
SHARON NANCY ATIENO, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
Shawne Van Deusen-Jeffries, None
Sinisa Glamocic, Blue Light SciTech Club
Sofia Martinez, Illinois Institute of Technology
Tamil Pasupathi, Macys
Trish Smith, IBM Canada
uduak udokang, Federal government girls college calabar
Ugieosa Akinola, Royal Dutch Shell Nigeria
Vivek Shah, Goldman Sachs
Vivian Opondo, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
Wade Lovell, Salesforce
Wasiu Oyedepo, Future Today Edutech Hub
Windy Nicholson, Salesforce
Winfred Naluyinda, Ministry of Works and Transport
Wing Yee Yau, SSGC
Yetunde Olasoji, TeachTact
Yolande Athaide, Cygnet Risk Group LLC; EYE Numerics, L.L.C.
Yukina Tanaka, Shouwa Company
Yunyang Ye, shanghai starriver bilingual school
Zunaira Qureshi, Salesforce